Not another election!

So Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff looks ready to topple the federal government this fall.

Michael Ignatieff wants to call a fall election.

Michael Ignatieff wants to call a fall election.

Ignatieff believes he can win an election, I guess, but odds are he won’t.

Why wouldn’t he be elected as prime minister?

First off, if he does force an election, it would turn a lot of people off. This would make our fourth federal election in five years. That’s too much.

Secondly, Ignatieff hasn’t done anything since becoming Liberal leader. It’s not like he worked his way up the ranks as an MP and opposition critic. He came into a leadership vote, won and was the Liberal leader. Just like that. He doesn’t have a record of doing anything as a politician, so why would Canadians vote for him.

And thirdly, his justifications for calling an election just does not make sense.

For example, yesterday he said one of the reasons for calling the election is this (from this Yahoo article):

“Ignatieff slammed Harper for presiding over the worst unemployment in two decades and plunging Canada back into a huge deficit.”

Was Ignatieff not paying attention? The whole world pretty much hit a recession. I don’t think there was anything any leader of any country could have stopped it.

To blame it on the federal government is going to backfire.

And like it or not, prime minister Stephen Harper’s people are very good about making this an election about what they want it to be about, and they’re not afraid to sling any mud at their opposition.

So if Ignatieff decides to go this route, he should be prepared for a further loss in seats than what they experienced in the last election — held a short 11 months ago.



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5 responses to “Not another election!

  1. Cheryl

    Totally agree … I’m even more annoyed because it’s quite the process to vote from outside of the country. 😛

  2. Katie

    Ha ha, no kidding, eh Cheryl?

    Four in five years. That is brutal. Election coverage and election night makes me tired just thinking about it.

  3. I would hope every Canadian would troop to the polls and vote for the candidate — Conservative, NDP, or Bloc — who can defeat the Liberal candidate.

    Nothing would please me more than to see these self-centred idiots reduced to “Liberal … party of a few”.

    Enough of this putting your own interests first, Liberals!

  4. Graham

    Yay election! Good for business at Canada Post 🙂

    This many elections is crazy but a conservative minority government can’t do anything. No other party really sees the world like the conservatives so it is unlikely to see enough cooperation to make their ideas a reality. A liberal minority could function though, and even though Ignatief isn’t exactly the Canadian Obama he is enough of an upgrade from Dion that he might just get that minority.

  5. As I recall, the Liberal party complained that the stimulus package — the source of the deficit — wasn’t big enough.

    Not the kind of thing I’d want Canadians reminded of during an election.

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