Canada and the U.S. as one country?

Is this now one supercountry?

Is this now one supercountry?

I never knew this, but did you know that four years ago, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico signed an agreement to become one super country?


And they kept a secret from everybody?

Well, that’s the nonsense going on for this week.

Apparently, this American group sent a couple of girls (Brooke Kelley and Cat Pratt) to Ottawa to ask if they knew about this deal that had happened a few years ago, and were shocked to find out no one knew.

And you know why no knows about it?

Because it never happened!

The video is kind of humourous though. At one point, one can’t hear anything because of traffic and horns honking.

One couple speaks French, and has trouble understanding what the interviewer is saying. Not sure if that is the best example of Canadians not knowing anything.

The funny thing is they pass everything off as fact.

“We’re all one country now,” is something that is heard several times throughout the video.

Basically, the point behind the North American Union would be the same as the European Union. There would be a shared currency (called an Amero) and the same economy for all three countries.

Strange, for a super-country, I have to yet to see any effect on me because of it.

I don’t know enough about this (mostly because it’s all hypothetical stuff for now), but for something like this to pass, it would take years of debate and discussion, and much of it would be open for the public to have their feedback on. It’s not like we’re going to wake up one day and find the loonie is worthless.

Anyways, here’s the video if you want to watch.



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3 responses to “Canada and the U.S. as one country?

  1. Graham

    Do you think it could be a joke like when Rick Mercer did the talking to Americans thing? Maybe they’re trying to be funny….

  2. I don’t think so, because it’s not very funny. Plus, if you watch the whole thing, you see there’s someone at the end who has heard of it, and there’s a great sigh of relief.

  3. ahrcanum

    ahh, but it did happen. The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) exists in part, as a perfect way to introduce a regional currency called the Amero and regional cooperation between the U.S. Canada and Mexico.

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