NHL hockey preview 2010

It’s here. Starting at 1 p.m. on Oct. 6, I will post an NHL team preview every hour until the first game begins on Oct. 7.

The teams will be broken down, with predictions on how they will finish, and some hockey pool picks. Please note for the pool picks, I will not be choosing obvious players. It will be some players who could have a good year, and who you should stay away from.

I will be providing links to the team previews from this page as they go up, so if you miss one, come back here to be able to find it quickly.

If you have any comments, predictions or questions, post them below.

Schedule for Wednesday, Oct. 6

1 p.m.: Nashville Predators 

2 p.m.: Carolina Hurricanes

3 p.m.: Montreal Canadiens

4 p.m.: Atlanta Thrashers

5 p.m.: Anaheim Ducks

6 p.m.: Pittsburgh Penguins

7 p.m.: Phoenix Coyotes

8 p.m.: Buffalo Sabres

9 p.m.: Philadelphia Flyers

10 p.m.: Edmonton Oilers

11 p.m.: Florida Panthers

Schedule for Thursday, Oct. 7

12 midnight: New Jersey Devils

1 a.m.: San Jose Sharks

2 a.m.: Vancouver Canucks

3 a.m.: Tampa Bay Lightning

4 a.m.: Columbus BlueJackets

5 a.m.: New York Islanders

6 a.m.: Dallas Stars

7 a.m.: Boston Bruins

8 a.m.: New York Rangers

9 a.m.: Minnesota Wild

10 a.m.: Chicago Blackhawks

11 a.m.: Ottawa Senators

12 noon: Washington Capitals

1 p.m.: St. Louis Blues

2 p.m.: Colorado Avalanche

3 p.m.: Los Angeles Kings

4 p.m.: Calgary Flames

5 p.m.: Toronto Maple Leafs

6 p.m.: Detroit Red Wings

7 p.m.: Overview and final predictions


3 responses to “NHL hockey preview 2010

  1. Pingback: NHL previews start today « The Ryan Coke Experience

    • I wrote all of them over the past few weeks, so they’re all ready to go.

      Nice site, by the way. I especially liked the top 10 guys to watch out for (good call on Evander Kane). I’ll be checking out more of it.

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