Bucket List

This is a follow-up to a post where I mentioned I was creating a list of 100 things I’ve always wanted to do. I am trying to come up with 100, so I’ve been adding more as I think of them, but for now it’s at 79.

Read the list, let me know what you think, and tell me what ones are your favourite ones. I’ll scratch them off as I do them and add more until I get to 100.

1. Watch an NHL playoffs finals live

2. Go to a Raptors game

3. See a baseball game at Fenway Park

4. Write a book

5. Visit Australia

6. Get my weight back to 180 pounds

7. Run for city council

8. Have a professional wrestling match

9. Watch Firefly and Serenity

10. Play in a poker tournament in Vegas

11. Go to the NHL draft

12. Get Earl Emerson’s autograph

13. Watch the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania live (this is half done, as I’ve seen Wrestlemania already)

14. Finish paying off my line of credit

15. See Buddy Wasisname in concert

16. Bring Vanessa to Labrador City

17. Create a scholarship in my name

18. Win a journalism award

19. Attend a Habs playoff game

20. Learn to juggle

21. Play Great Balls of Fire on the piano

22. Go rock climbing

23. Be in the Guiness Book of Records

24. Lift the Stanley Cup

25. Meet one of the cast of Buffy, Angel or Lost

26. Go on a cruise

27. Visit the Statue of Liberty

28. Sleep on a waterbed

29. Have a bad movie marathon

30. Make a geyser with Mentos and Diet Coke

31. Go to an auction

32. Read the Bible

33. Visit the Alamo

34. Tell Sandra Oh she looks like my wife

35. Learn to dance

36. Finish my university degree

37. Visit Hawaii

38. Learn to drive a manual car

39. Get 1,000 different NHL autographs

40. Donate blood

41. Learn to stop on ice skates

42. Get a dog and name it kitty

43. See an NHL game in 6 Canadian cities (already been to one in Montreal and Ottawa, so 4 left to go)

44. Complete a first aid course

45. Read every Harry Potter book (I haven’t read any yet)

46. Hit a home run (I’ve hit plenty of inside the park home runs, but never one over the fence)

47. Get 500 hits in one day on my blog

48. Throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game

49. Research my family tree

50. Watch the Superbowl live.

51. Be on a game show

52. Read the Guns of Normandy and the two followup books

53. Find a Googlewhack.

54. Go to the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

55. Get a six-pack of abs.

56. Own a jersey from every NHL team (and maybe a few defunct teams).

57. Learn to play a musical instrument.

58. Ride a mechanical bull.

59. Own a Star Trek uniform

60. Milk a cow.

61. Create a new word and have it used somewhere else or get it into the dictionary.

62. Own a Stanley Cup ring.

63. Own a really nice camera.

64. Learn to spin a basketball on my finger for at least 10 seconds.

65. Learn to whistle

66. Learn to do the worm.

67. Have at least two kids.

68. Have a Wikipedia page about me.

69. Learn to throw a boomerang.

70. Go for a ride in a helicopter.

71. Watch a live version of Annie (on Broadway would be great).

72. Join a book club.

73. Get mentioned in a Bill Simmons column or chat.

74. Catch a callaghan (an ultimate Frisbee point).

75. Watch a movie in 3D.

76. Watch a drive-in movie.

77. Own all the Encyclopedia Brown and Three Investigator (hardcover) books.

78. Learn archery.

79. Donate 1 million grains of rice on freerice.com


14 responses to “Bucket List

  1. Cathy

    i like the list tom, makes me want to write my own..anyways you should definitely donate blood, it is so quick and easy plus it saves lives. also i can teach you to juggle next time i see you.

  2. newfcollins

    A buddy already taught me to juggle. I’m in the process of mastering it before I cross it off my list.

    As for donating blood, I really want to, but my phobia of needles mean it’s going to be long and painful. But I’ll hopefully do it soon.

  3. Riona

    Hey, been researching my own bucket list lately and came across yours… Even stole yuor first aid idea. I’m only at number 21, (and two of those may come off in the final draught!). Good luck, and I’ll keep an eye on your progress.

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  6. Why is it never mentioned that Pierre Larouche is the only Canadians Center to score 50 goals in one season?

    By the way, he is my uncle and a great guy

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  9. spark_of_heart


  10. Jennifer McIntosh

    Haven’t Marge and I already told you to get cracking on the kid thing? Course…you gotta feed ’em.

  11. Janet

    I was surfing around looking for bucket list ideas, when I stumbled onto your list. I love Earl Emerson!!!! He’s a great author! I am stealing your idea and adding it to my list too!!

    Glad to see someone else who likes him, no one I know does…. then again no one I know reads at the crazy speed that I do!

  12. What an awesome idea. This is a great way to set goals, and keep yourself busy. Gonna start a list now!

  13. Amber

    My parents think I’m strange for starting my bucket list when I’m only 15, but in my opinion the sooner I get started the better.
    I was looking up ideas to add and came across yours, and must advise you to indeed read the Harry Potter books, they are amazing. I stole “Be on a game show” and “Learn to juggle”, and also got a few more ideas, thank you 🙂
    I just actually was able to cross off “Fly a plane” from my list, something maybe you could also add. It was one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever done. 😀
    Good luck to you!

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