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My top five glue movies

Ah, glue movies. The perfect way to spend a gloomy rainy afternoon, and the perfect way to ruin a bright sunny afternoon.

Kathy Reesey photo, via Wikimedia Commons

What two Kevin Bacon films made my top glue movies list? Keep reading.

In case you’re unawares, a glue movie is a movie that when you are flipping the channels and see it on television, you have to watch it, right then and there. Not a DVD that you can pop in whenever, or a movie that makes you say, “Oh, I like that move, I think I’ll PVR it.”

No, it has to be a movie that you’ll forego everything else you have planned to watch it. Maybe it starts off as, “hey, I’ll just watch five minutes,” or “I’ll just wait until it gets to this scene,” but you know deep down that you’re hooked and you’ll be watching every second of it.

And it has to be on TV. A lot of movies have been ruined by watching it on television (Grease and American Pie are two great examples. So are any movies that have sexual innuendo and/or violence). So a movie that can make you keep watching over and over usually had something going for it.

Everyone has a favourite glue movie. Some have more than others. I must have about 20.

But I figured I should narrow the list down a little.

So that being said, here are my top five all-time favourite glue movies.

5. Legally Blonde. I have no idea what the appeal of this movie is for me. It’s not hilariously funny. It’s not really romantic. You don’t really care for many of the characters (it actually confuses me when I wonder if I’m supposed to hate Selma Blair’s character or not). But there’s just something about the movie that gets me hooked every single time.

4. Die Hard 3. It’s not even my favourite Die Hard movie (that would be the second one). But there’s something about the third movie that is so much more fun than the others. Whether it be Samuel L. Jackson’s role, the crazy plot holes that make no sense (really? You’re going to leave not one single cop at the scene of a subway bombing in New York City), or the fact that there’s plenty of action, if I see this movie, I’m hooked.

3. The Replacements. I think almost everyone would have a Keanu Reeves movie on their list somewhere. This is one of my favourites of his. He is basically a quarterback that couldn’t hack it on the big stage, but is signed by a professional football team during a players’ strike. Big bonus for the singing and dancing in the jail cell scene. I end up with the song, I Will Survive, stuck in my head for days after watching this movie.

2. A Few Good Men. So many good scenes. So many great quotes. Tom Cruise was great. Jack Nicholson was great. Kevin Bacon was great. Demi Moore was… er… in the movie. Overall, a simply superb movie. Everything seems to work. The baseball scene. The courtroom scenes. The final verdict. I could probably watch this film three times in one day, and not get bored of it.

1. Tremors. Back-to-back Bacon films. My buddy Keith first encouraged me to watch it way back in high school (almost 20 years now… wow). For those not familiar with the movie, it’s about underground monsters that can sense vibrations and will eat anything that moves. A small town (population of about 15) is stuck battling these monsters. Also stars Michael Gross and Reba McEntire. Great fun flick to watch. Has everything you could want in a movie to waste away an afternoon.

What about you? What are some your favourite glue movies?


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What to Expect When You’re Expecting movie review

So my wife and I had a chance to see a movie the other night.

Photo Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons

Anna Kendrick was one of the bright spots of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. (Gage Skidmore photo)

As it was our first night out to the movies in a while, and she chose the last one (Friends with Kids), I figured we’d go see the Avengers.

Instead, we saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

The movie is somewhat loosely based on the book of the same name. And by loosely, I mean they pretty much share the title, and that’s it.

For those not familiar with the book, it is pretty much a reference guide for women for when they get pregnant. It’s very informative. I’ve actually made great use of the sequel books, What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The First Year and What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The Toddler Years.

The movie follows five couples from all backgrounds as they get pregnant. There’s the couple who have been trying for years, a one-night stand couple, a couple ready to adopt, a celebrity couple that have been together a few months and a couple that got pregnant with no problems.

Like many of these movies, it’s an ensemble cast where the stories kinda inter-connect, but not really. Some of the actors include Cameron Diaz, Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Morrison and Dennis Quaid.

Because of so many storylines, it’s harder to get to know the characters. One of the problems with this is the after effect when you leave the theatre. On the way home, my wife and I discussed the film at length. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes in, we realize we forgot all about Cameron Diaz’s storyline. It was pretty forgettable.

On the flip side, the one-night stand couple, played by Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford, really tugs at your heartstrings. A whole movie based on their story probably would have been better.

My wife enjoyed the movie. She liked remembering the different of stages of pregnancy.

I, on the other hand, thought it was just okay. There were some funny bits. I enjoyed the Dude Group (a group of dads who met once a week to let off some steam). I just thought there were too many storylines. You were stuck with the bad ones (J-Lo’s adoption storyline was the worst), and the good ones weren’t able to fully develop.

Overall, it was a meh movie. I wouldn’t recommend someone see it, but I wouldn’t recommend against it either.

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All About Steve review

So my wife and I went to see All About Steve yesterday.

All About Steve does have a few laughs.

All About Steve does have a few laughs.

It wasn’t my original plan. The two of us went to see Gamer instead, but it was too bloody and gory for my wife, so we left a few minutes in and went to the next theatre.

I enjoyed All About Steve. For a chick flick, it had its funny moments, and you don’t get the normal romantic comedy ending.

Just a forewarning though, I’m going to spoil this movie, so if you don’t want to know what happens, you should stop reading now.

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Top movie of the 2000s

ESPN writer Bill Simmons had an interesting column today.

Is Almost Famous the defining movie of the 2000s? One columnist believes so.

Is Almost Famous the defining movie of the 2000s? One columnist believes so.

At the beginning, he explained what he thought the top movie of this decade is. It had to meet three criteria:

• Excellence

• Originality

• Rewatchability

He then used quotes from that movie to explain this summer in the NBA (the column falls flat here, I think).

Anyways, his choice was Almost Famous. While he gives good enough reasons, I can’t help but believe there are other movies that would better define this decade (as the best movie of the decade should).

I decided there must be other films better than that. So I decided to try to come up with five others.

Remember, these aren’t necessarily my favourite movies, but just the ones I thought would define this decade the best.

So with that, here are my top 5 movies of the 2000s.

Is Superbad the most defining movie of the 2000s? This blogger says yes, sadly.

Is Superbad the most defining movie of the 2000s? This blogger says yes, sadly.

5) The Lord of the Rings trilogy: I decided to lump these three together because it would be too hard to pick and choose one or two over the other. While it gets point for excellence and rewatchability, it loses points for originality, since it was based on the books.

4) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Re-defined the martial arts genre for a while. Gets points for creativity and excellence, but loses points on rewatchability. I think a straight-forward martial arts film would stand the test of time more than watching the special effects fights in this film.

3) Kill Bill: Again, I included both films in this one. It upped the violence found in a lot of movies, and gave an interesting premise. Instead of the man bent of revenge, it was a kick-ass woman. Each fight scene was great, but I don’t think there’s ever a point where you’ll sit down, see this film on TV, and want to watch it for one specific scene, so it loses a little on the rewatchabililty criterion.

2) Wall-E: Cute movie, that both kids and adults love. Not a lot of dialogue, but keeps you interested. It’s creative, original, and can be rewatched. But should a cartoon be the defining movie of a decade? That’s debateable, but this movie comes close.

1) Superbad: You could almost put any other comedy movie of the past five years in this spot (Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Wedding Crashers, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, etc.). Superbad was definitely excellent, and was original. The rewatchability of it is still up in the air, but I think there would be times if I flipping through the channels, and this movie was on, I would stop to watch it.

Conclusion: Could these movies beat out Almost Famous as top movie of the decade? I think Wall-E and Superbad could, but the other three couldn’t.

I just found it sad that there is no one movie that jumps out from this decade. The 1990s had Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, Forrest Gump and Titanic, and probably a dozen others.

So what happened to the 2000s?

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Movie catchup

So with the Christmas break upon us, I’ve been trying to catch up on some movies.

I just watched Wall-E the other day. Awesome movie. Good for kids, adults and everyone else. Highly recommended.

I plan on catching the Love Guru, the Mummy 3, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and a few others in the next couple of days.

Any other suggestions for new movies to watch?


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Movie cliches

Ever watch a movie and swear you’ve seen it before?

Even if it was just released?

That’s because a lot of movie recycle the same plots and cliches.

One website has been keeping track, and has them all listed.

Call it How to Make a Film 101.

The site is called the Movie Cliches List, and has lots of cliches broken down into many categories.

For example, one of the cliches under money is “Briefcases are designed to hold exactly three rows of banknotes.”

There’s tons of them, and a good way to kill a few hours, especially if you’re a film buff.

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New York

Does anyone know why New York is always the city that gets destroyed in movies?

Why not Seattle? Or Miami? Or Phoenix?

It always seems to be New York.

Godzilla. The Day After Tomorrow. King Kong. Cloverfield.

Anyone know the reason for this?

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