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New Brunswick school cancels national anthem

So a school in New Brunswick has decided to no longer play the Canadian national anthem, and it has some people upset.

Belleisle Elementary School  in Springfield, N.B., made the decision to no longer play the anthem to start each school day.

Apparently, it was a year ago the decision was made, but Susan Boyd just found out once her daughters start to forget the lyrics. She’s upset because her nephew, Pte. David Robert Greenslade, was killed while fighting in Afghanistan.

I don’t know what the big deal is. I grew up without the anthem being played every day. I only heard it while watching sports on television, or for an event such as Remembrance Day.

Not playing the anthem is not a sign a disrespect toward our troops. Many schools don’t play O Canada. If Boyd is that serious about her daughters knowing the anthem, then she can teach them at home.



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