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Book review: Now I Can Die in Peace

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Bill Simmons, a columnist for ESPN.

Bill Simmons first book was a great read!

He writes in a unique way that is different from most columnists, which I think sets him apart.

To start, he makes every column personal. That means he puts lots of feelings into each piece of writing. Instead of just quoting stats and numbers, he writes about how he feels, or how sports fans feel. It makes his writing unique.

In fact, I’m trying to emulate him more in my writing, with some longer, thought out posts.

Simmons has just published his second book, The Book of Basketball. I’ve asked Santa for that book for Christmas.

In the meantime, I just finished his first book, Now I Can Die In Peace: How ESPN’s Sports Guy Found Salvation, with a Little Help from Nomar, Pedro, Shawshank and the 2004 Red Sox. That actually has to be the longest book title I ever read, but the book is a quick read.

It’s a collection of some of his columns over the years relating to the Boston Red Sox as they won the World Series back in 2004. I’m not a Red Sox fan, or even a big fan of baseball, but I wanted to read the book because of the fact Simmons wrote it.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The first half was a little repetitive, as the Sox kept losing and falling short. But it is meant to set up the second half of the book, where the Sox break the curse and win the series, their first in about eight decades.

So now I’m anxious to read his next book. I’m a basketball fan, not a huge one, but definitely more of one than a baseball fan. I’d love to see him write more about the NHL, but that won’t happen until the Bruins win the championship (he gave up on the team years ago when he realized that the Bruins ownership at the time wouldn’t spend money to win the title).

I give Now I Die in Peace 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a must-read for any Simmons fans.


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Things I don’t understand #3

There are plenty of things I don’t understand.

Let me get this straight, you charge the mound, throw your helmet, dont throw a punch and still end up on the bottom of the pile?

Let me get this straight, you charge the mound, throw your helmet, don't throw a punch and still end up on the bottom of the pile?

Some are things that I will never understand (such as nuclear physics). Others are things I will never want to understand (such as why Sex and the City was so popular).

And then there are things that really confuse me.

Like why do batters charge the mound in baseball when they don’t want to fight?

Rarely do you see a batter and a pitcher square off and actually fight. More often than not, the fight happens after a hitter is beaned. The hitter charges out, bullpens clear, and nothing really happens.

Look at this recent example. Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox is hit by a pitch, charges the mound to fight Rick Porcello of the Detroit Tigers, and then proceeds to throw his helmet!

The benches clear, and nothing really happens.

Check out the video for proof.


That’s horrible. Why even charge the mound in the first place? He throws his helmet, for pete’s sake!

The only sport worse is basketball. There, one guy throws a punch, and then the benches clear, but everyone is back pedalling because no one actually wants to fight, but they all want to seem tough.

If you’re going to fight, or have a bench-clearing brawl, do it like the NHL.

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A tale of two sports

When it comes to sports, you have two types of people: winners, and poor sports.

For a poor sport, one need not look any further than Ivonne Hernandez. She is a New York Yankees fan. She went to a bar in New Hampshire, which cheers for the Boston Red Sox. After an argument, she went outside, and alledgely tried to scare the Red Sox fans by pretending to run them over. Hernandez is now charged with reckless second-degree murder. Twenty-nine year old Matthew Beaudoin was killed when a car hit him. (You can read the full story here)

Instead of taking the rival humour in good fun, this situation got out of control, and led to a death. Definitely a poor sport.

A good sport happened in a U.S. university softball game a few years ago. Sara Tucholsky hit the first home run of her career. As she ran the bases, she realized she missed first base, and had to turn back to touch it. When she turned, she tore her ACL. She dragged herself back to first, but obviously couldn’t complete her home run trot. The umpires ruled if a new player was subsituted, it would only be a single and not a home run. Her teammates and coaches weren’t allowed to help either. With that, Mallory Holtman, who was playing for the opposing team, suggested they carry her. They were allowed, so Holtman and a teammate carried Tucholsky around the diamond.

This is a good sport. Hopefully most people would be like the second story, instead of the first one.



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