22 reasons to hate the Sens

The Habs play Game 6 against the Ottawa Senators tonight.

Things aren’t looking so good for the Habs, despite being up 3-2 in the series. They’ve had trouble scoring and they have just one more postseason power play goal this year than the Buffalo Sabres.

So I’m looking to help out. This worked last year when I posted it about the Boston Bruins going into game 7, so I thought I would post one about the Sens as a way to give Montreal extra motivation to win this series.

So in  honour of the number of years they’ve been in the league, here are 22 reasons to hate the Sens:


1. Sens fans thinking their team is great despite winning just one playoff round since Bryan Murray became general manager eight years ago.

2. The fact fans think Ottawa has been a great successful team despite just one year of postseason success and no cups in 22 years.

3. Having to rely on a different team from 100 years ago that has no relation to the current incarnation for Cup banners and retired numbers.

4. Thinking Alfie should be in the hall of fame (he shouldn’t).

5. The 2013 playoff series against Montreal.

6. Sens fans thinking Alfie mockingly throwing a broken stick into the crowd to make fun of Mats Sundin is the funniest thing ever. Note: It’s not even close.

7. Thinking Alfie is all class, despite him boarding Tucker from behind, intentionally shooting pucks at opponents, the stick throwing thing, etc.

8. Chris Neil.

9. Their fans stop attending games when Sens are losing. Not saying they are fair-weathered fans who only support a winner, but maybe we should ask the Rough Riders, Renegades, Lynx, Rebel, etc. about that.

10. They change the name of their arena every two years.

11. According to Ottawa media, nothing bad has ever been the fault of the Sens.

12. The fact fans think everyone is against their team, including the CBC crew. They hated Bob Cole during the Leafs rivalry, now they hate the current CBC crew.

13. The Pizza Line is the stupidest line nickname in NHL history.

14. Their first ever win was against the Habs.

15. Rod Bryden’s threatening to leave the league every year if he didn’t get more money, and convincing the federal government to give money for a bailout (the government finally realized how stupid this was and reversed its position).

16. The team put the arena is the worst spot ever, instead of downtown like, you know, every other team outside of Phoenix.

17. Complaining when Leafs and Habs fans take up half the arena. Here’s an idea: Sens fans could buy the tickets instead.

18. The city of Ottawa once passed a bylaw to prevent people from wearing Leafs jerseys.

19. The forensics study into Matt Cooke’s injuring Erik Karlsson’s leg.

20. They hold rallies that no one shows up for.

21. Sens fans thinking they would never treat opposing fans badly like the other fanbases do (hint: they do).

22. The treatment of Daniel Alfredsson at the end of his career, forcing the captain to go to Detroit.


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