10 reasons I love my wife

So 10 years ago, my wife and I went on our first ever date.

It wasn’t anything big. After my softball playoff game, I picked her up, went home to shower, and then we headed to the Casino, followed by a walk downtown.

I don’t know if at the time she expected to still be with me in 10 years, but I was smitten with her.

And as I said during my wedding speech, I knew she was perfect for me the moment she uttered those three magical words: “Go Habs Go.”

But she’s perfect for me. And I love her so. With that being said, here are 10 reasons I love my wife (I could have come up with a bunch more, but one main reason per year):

1: She’s funny. She’s always making me laugh with her silly jokes.

2: She doesn’t take things too seriously. She can have a good time doing almost anything.

3: She’s athletic. We first met playing ultimate, and since then have played a ton of sports together.

4: She’s a great mom. She’s made a lot of the big decisions to get the girls to certain stages of life.

5: She makes up silly games. She’ll take almost any object and create a fun game.

6: She’s creative. Home-made cards, changing lyrics to songs, poems, etc. She does a lot of creative stuff.

7: She laughs at my jokes (very important). It makes me want to keep telling them just to see her smile and laugh.

8: She likes to talk. She may not think so, but I love listening to her tell her stories of the day.

9: She loves dancing. It makes me smile everything she does a dance routine.

10:  She’s beautiful. I stare at her all time, quite often when she’s not looking. She just doesn’t know it.


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