Monica’s Sister book review

(Warning: This review contains minor spoilers)

So Earl Emerson came out with a new book, Monica’s Sister.

For those that don’t know, Emerson is my favourite author. I’ve read a bunch of different authors that I love: Lee Childs and his Jack Reacher series, Harlan Coben and his Myron Bolitar series, James Patterson and a lot of his series and so on.

But Emerson is my favourite by far, especially his firefighting books. In fact, getting Emerson’s autograph is actually on my bucket list and one I want to complete someday.

So I was stoked when I found out he had released his new book, the first one in four years.

Monica’s Sister is the 13th book in the Thomas Black series. His wife’s friend Angela ends up dead, with most people thinking it’s a suicide. Black is hired by Angela’s sister, Monica to find out the truth. At the same time, he’s in trouble with Monica’s husband, Clark Lloyd Self and Self’s bodyguards, one of which is a monster of a man.

I loved the book. There were a couple of small points that got to me though:

1) I figured out the killer pretty early on, so I thought a swerve was coming that wouldn’t show you it was who I thought it was. But it didn’t come. So I don’t know if a lot of people figured it out, or if was just me, but with no swerve, it felt like I missing something.

2) There were a couple of times when things on pages didn’t mesh. At one point, Black was describing a woman he met, saying she had the kind of face where you couldn’t tell how old she was. Then on the next page, he said the woman was 35 years old. It didn’t go very well.

But the action was still good, and the thing about Emerson’s book is the sense of humour. It’s crazy witty, and makes me crack up quite a bit. Even Emerson brings it up, calling it “black” humour (haha… get it?).

And I thought at the end that Monica ended up with a Robin Hood complex, which was a nice touch. She thought because her husband gave to the poor, it didn’t matter if he got his money from the rich.

The book is a great read, and hard to put down. One of things I like a lot about Emerson’s writing is that there aren’t 130 chapters in each book like some authors have. It makes each chapter seem important.

Monica’s sister available from electronic bookstores, such as Kobo, Kindle and Nook.

I give it five out of five stars.


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