Overall keeper pool draft results

As I mentioned yesterday, my keeper pool draft was held on the weekend.

Sergei Brobovsky won a GM an award in my draft.

In my last post, I mostly talked about my keeper pool team. But I thought it would be fun to look at everyone’s picks and hand out some fun and totally made up awards.

So here’s the first ever Tom Collins Keeper Pool draft awards! Winners get to send me a first round pick in exchange for a second rounder.

So let’s get started:

The huh? award

Sergei Brobovsky. Nathan already has Lehtonen and Kiprusoff. Brobovsky will probably be a drop at the end of the year. I can’t see him being better than the other two. I just don’t get this pick at all. And I’m someone who thinks Columbus will do better than most people believe.

The who the hell is that? award

Beau Bennett. Now, I don’t claim to know every single player in the NHL. But I do try to keep abreast of all the top prospects. And I had never heard of this guy. Apparently, he’s a college player who is with the Penguins system, and is a great offensive prospect. So good on Nathan for finding the potential diamond in the rough. Looks like it could be a great pick, even though he’s a ways away.

The patience is a virtue award

This goes to the GM who had to wait the longest between picks. While Nordiques GM Matt had to wait until #26 to make his first pick, that wasn’t the longest. Sabres GM Dave picked at #3, and then waited an astonishing 35 picks before he made his next choice.

The best late pickup

Gustov Nyuvist. I love Nyquist. I’ve actually had him on my list for the last three years. But he never makes the team because Detroit always brings their guys along slowly. Nick, the Chicago Blackhawks GM, picked him up at 63rd. That’s an awesome late rounder.

The It seemed like a good idea at the time award

Kris Versteeg. Buffalo Sabres GM Dave picked up Versteeg with his last pick of the draft, at 72nd overall. His goal was to take a player that would make for potential trade bait during the season.

The drop it like it’s hot award

This award if given to the player for dropped the most. Joffrey Lupul, now of the Edmonton Oilers, is the winner. Lupul had the most points of any free agent last year, with 67 points in 66 games. Somehow, he slipped all the way to the third round and the 27th overall pick.

The most obvious choice award

This goes to Matt of the Quebec Nordiques. When his first pick came at the 26th pick, he hemmed and hawed for a few minutes. But anyone who was talking to him during the dispersal draft knew he was going to take Jeff Carter. In fact, sources say that one GM guaranteed that Carter would still be there by his first choice.

The reach for the top award

This award is designed for teams that reached for a player at least a round too early. This year’s award goes to Oilers GM Paul and his pick of Sven Bärtschi. The Edmonton GM took him at 16th. (Note: This was the best I could come up with: It was a real good draft the first few rounds).

The how was this guy not chosen award?

Erik Cole. Seven different prognestactors had him finishing with at least 52 points before the lockout. He’s a top line player in Montreal. I thought someone would pick him up for sure.

The will this guy ever be chosen in our pool award?

Ryane Clowe. The poor Newfie sits on the outside looking in once again, despite posting three straight 50-point seasons, including a 62-pointer a few years back.

In case you were wondering, you can see the full draft list here.

Here is how each GM drafted:

Glenn (New York): Yakupov, Grigerenko, Schwartz, Leddy, Garrison, Atkinson, Mueller

Russ (Nashville): Schultz, Scheifele, Gardiner, Henrique, Kreider, Trouba, Coyle, Marchand, Orlov, Zucker, Hackett, Krueger, Holland, Cervenka

Dave (Buffalo): Galchenyuk, Kuzenstov, Reilly. Dumba, Murray, Thomas, Versteeg

Paul (Edmonton): Holtby, Baertschi, McDonough, Okposo, Lupul, Kunitz, Spurgeon, Michalek

Nick (Chicago): Moulson, Silvferberg, Hamilton, Josi, Vrbata, Whitney, Dubnyk, Nyquist

Andrew (Vancouver): Lindback, Perron, O’Reilly, Desharhains, Conacher

Ryan (Los Angeles): Smith, Hamhuis,Parenteau, Read

Kevin (Toronto): Faulk, McGinn, Forsberg, Steen, Nikitin

Nathan (Ottawa): M. Foligno, Volynov, Bourque, Bobrovsky, Bennett

Matt (Quebec): Carter, Niskanen, Callahan


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