Is it time to switch football teams?

I’m going to admit it.

Mike Morbeck photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Here is Ndamukong Suh. He’s the reason I’m thinking of leaving the Lions.

After being a long-time Detroit Lions fan, I don’t know if I can enjoy watching them play anymore.

See, I went through a lot of bad seasons. I was still supportive during their 0-16 era. I cheered during the Joey Harrington era. I continued to follow the team throughout the whole Matt Millen era. (Not coincidentally, but all three eras were the same time).

But I find they are no longer fun to watch.

And it’s mostly because of Ndamukong Suh.

Yes, there’s a few other players, and the coach can sometimes be annoying. But I find it extremely hard to cheer for a team that has him on the field.

He stomps on players. He kicks them in the groin. He acts like a bully on the field. He gets too many personal fouls.

Maybe it’s the hockey fan in me coming through. I would never be able to cheer Matt Cooke or Brad Marchand. I get disgusted when players on my favourite team dive to try and earn a penalty.

It’s horrible. And I find I can’t bear to watch and cheer for Suh. He’s dirty, and continues to push the line and punish his teammates with his selfish plays.

So I’m wondering if I should switch teams. Bill Simmons wrote an article way back in 2002 about when it’s okay to stop cheering for your favourite team and follow some other organization. This wasn’t one of the reasons.

But I’m thinking it should be allowed. Now the question is, if I do stop cheering for the Lions, who do I cheer for?


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