Canadian Amazing Race is going to suck

So CTV has announced they are coming out with a Canadian version of the Amazing Race, but it won’t be that exciting.

Of course, many people are stoked. Finally, Canadians have a chance to participate in the reality show, and visit far off-lands such as Japan, Russia and Australia.

Wait, they’re not going overseas? The whole thing will take place in Canada?

Oh, this is not going to end well at all.

The Amazing Race has two main appeals: racing around the world, and seeing how other cultures live. Take those two events out, and all you have is a glorified City Chase.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the American version. What was the worst season of the Amazing Race? The one where families of four participated. And the main reason for that is that they never left the U.S.

Remember that season? They went to far-off exotic locales such as Alabama, Utah and Virginia. It was just a bad overall season. It didn’t help the challenges were easier either.

I can see challenges being easier in this edition as well. What’s the hardest thing they could do in St. John’s? Eat seal flipper pie? In Toronto, they’ll probably have to do one of those outdoor walks on top of the CN Tower.

There will be no language barriers either. Running around China and getting locals to help without speaking the language is also fun to watch.

But sadly, this season won’t be entertaining. It’ll probably do good ratings because people will want to see where they are going, but it’s going to be boring to watch.


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  1. I agree with you completely. Won’t stop me from applying though.

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