Bucket list update: Catching a callahan

When I created my bucket list a couple of years back, I tried to mix up the degree of difficulty. Some of them are pretty easy (30. Make a geyser with Mentos and Diet Coke), and some of them not so easy (34. Tell Sandra Oh she looks like my wife).

Ultimatephotography photo, via Wikimedia Commons

I often think of my callahan as being something similar to this.

And some will only be completed if the stars align. And apparently, they have for one of them.

Number 74 on my list (Catch a callahan in ultimate) is now scratched off, but I don’t remember doing it.

For those who don’t follow the sport of ultimate, a callahan is when a defensive player intercepts the disc in the opponent’s end zone for a point. It would be like a defensive player in the NFL interception the football in the other team’s endzone. They’re both pretty rare.

Because of the rarity, it is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Just recently, I was searching for something in my Gmail, and I came across an e-mail I sent to my wife during the 2008 playoffs (she was in Hawaii on vacation, and missed the games).

Because of injuries, we had to play with only six players on the field, against seven of the opposing team. This is how I described the action to my wife in the e-mail:

Because of a strong wind, we decided to play a zone, with a 1-3-2 zone. That’s right, one person in the cup. I started in the cup, and after a couple of turnovers, Pierre ended up cupping by himself. The other team had it on their line, and this guy tried to break Pierre, but the disc went in the air, and I caught it for a Callahan. Sweet, eh? It was my first ever callahan.

I go on to say we lost the game 9-7. Here’s the funny thing: I remember a lot of details about that day. The games, some of our opponents (one guy I went to school with, so it was easy to remember), the reason we had six players (injuries, as well as a major accident on the 416 slowing everyone down), but I don’t exactly remember the callahan. I kinda do, but not really.

Regardless, it’s now done, and another item scratched off my bucket list.


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