Looking back at my original keeper pool draft

I have now been through three seasons of the Greatest Hockey  Pool Ever.

Originally started as a nine-person keeper pool in the fall of 2009, this summer it will be become a 12-GM pool.

One of my buddies is joining this year as an expansion team. We were talking how GMs overvalued players they originally drafted (many leagues do this, especially in the beginning). A first round pick, no matter how bad they are doing, is not worth a sixth round picked player, no matter how good they are playing. I thought it would be interesting now, three years later, to look back at that draft and see who is left from each owner’s original roster.

You expect a lot of roster change. Many of the players have since retired, or moved on to other leagues (Scott Niedermayer, Brian McCabe, Rob Blake). Many others became irrelevant in fantasy hockey (Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta, Ray Emery).

But the majority of them have been traded away. Looking back on it, it’s amazing the quality of players that have been shipped. Steven Stamkos has been dealt twice, both times during the inaugural season. Alexander Ovechkin, Kris Letang, Claude Giroux, Erik Karlsson, Henrik Zetterberg, Zdeno Chara, Zach Parise, Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Getzlaf, Nick Backstrom, Daniel Sedin, Drew Doughty, Ryan Suter and more have all been dealt, most of them numerous times.

Carey Price has been traded four times already! That has to be a record in our league among superstar players, and I think is actually the record for any player in our league.

So I thought it would be fun to look at our original draft, and see who is left on each team’s roster from that draft. the biggest surprise for me was the team with the third most amount of players. The GM of the Edmonton Oilers, Paul, makes a lot of moves. I was shocked he still had seven original players.

Note #1: I didn’t include players that were traded, and then traded back. For the purpose of this exercise, I used only players that were with their teams for the full three seasons.

Note #2: I did include players that were dropped from a team, and then either re-drafted or taken through an auction by the same owner. Those players never played for another GM, so I think that would qualify.

Note #3: I didn’t include our first expansion team (sorry Glenn) for a couple of reasons. One: He was picking from the the guys we dropped, so the turnover is harder to judge as those guys weren’t top quality players. Two: During the original draft, every owner should have been drafting to try and win that first season. Since he had to start from the bottom, Glenn hasn’t had the same needs that many of us has had as he knew he had no chance the last two seasons.

Anyways, ranked from the most players to the least, here is the list (I’m the Montreal Canadiens, for people not in our pool).

Boston Bruins (10): Jeff Carter, John Tavares, Marian Hossa, Victor Hedman, Daniel Briere, Tim Thomas, Nathan Horton, Kyle Okposo, Jordan Staal, Patrick Sharp

Vancouver Canucks (9): Roberto Luongo, Jonathan Toews, Pekka Rinne, Patrick Marleau, Nicklas Kronwall, Devon Setoguchi, Patrik Berglund, Christian Erhoff, Jordan Eberle

Edmonton Oilers (7): Mike Richards, Erik Johnson, Alex Goligoski, TJ Oshie, Michael Frolik, James Van Riemsdyk, Jakob Markstrom

Chicago Black hawks (5): Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Zach Bogosian, Alex Hemsky, Magnus Pajaarvi

Los Louis Blue Kings (5): Pavel Datsyuk, Marc-Andre Fleury, Brent Burns, Marek Zidlicky, Alex Pietrangelo

Quebec Nordiques (2): Henrik Sedin, Lubimir Visnovsky

Ottawa Senators (2): Tobias Enstrom, Ryan Kesler

Toronto Maple Leafs (2): Corey Perry, Keith Yandle

Montreal Canadiens (2): Evgeni Malkin, Evander Kane


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