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Worst night at poker ever

So two weeks ago, I continued in my quest to win a poker championship at the National Capital Poker Tour.

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Go Habs Go. That’s all I can say about my poker game a couple of weeks ago.

And without a doubt, it was probably my worst night there ever. But there was nothing I could do about it.

I was at a table with two super aggressive players, one of the best players at the tourney, and two other solid players. So there was a lot of preflop aggression.

And I got no cards. So I couldn’t play many pots. And even the pots I didn’t play, I wouldn’t have won many of them.

An example of the hands. I would guess in the course of the night, I was there for about 90 hands or so. For at least 15 of those hands (easily — I would actually guess closer to 25), I had a queen, with a kicker of seven or lower. Jason was eliminated early, and became dealer at our table, and was immediately to my left. I mentioned to him at one point how many of those hands I was getting. Then I started showing him my hands. After a while, it almost became a running joke. It was crazy how many of those hands I saw.

Usually I replay my hands in my blog posts, but there isn’t much to replay from last night. I did play a Q3 offsuit in the small blind and hit two pairs. I won another pot pre flop when I raised with AK offsuit (no callers). I tried to play any half-decent hand I was given (suited connectors mostly). But they never hit.

There’s only one hand I want to revisit. My last hand of the night. Everyone folded around to one guy who was small blind. This guy was super aggressive, but was also getting cards, and hitting a lot of rivers. When the average stack was $100, he had more than $300 in chips. He raised me. I looked down at 77. Let me put it this way: about 90 hands into the night, and this was my first pocket pair.

Blinds were about $3-$6, and he raised to $12. I had about $38 left. So I needed to make a move. I went all-in. He called. He had 5-3 off suit. He thought I had ace with another card, which would have made his odds better.

If you’ve been following my posts, you know what happened. I was about an 84% chance to win pre-flop. A three came on the flop. Nothing on the turn. And of course, on the river, another three. Sigh.

So my last four tournaments, these were hands that eliminated me: AJ offsuit to 72 offsuit, KK to AK suited when runner-runner hit, 88 to A5 suited when an ace came on the turn, and now 77 to 53 off suit. All hands where I was a clear favourite to win, all hands where I lost.

So I’ll be back next month to try again. Probably with a good luck charm or something to try and change my luck a little bit.



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