Looking back at my playoff predictions

So back before the playoffs started, I decided to make a few bold predictions.

davidgsteadman photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Roberto Luongo makes an easy save. So you know this has to be a picture from the regular season.

These were things I could see happening, but they probably wouldn’t. But it’s always fun to take a gamble on these things.

So here are my 10 predictions, and how I did.

There will be at least three goaltending controversies.

Looking back, there was only one. Vancouver going with Cory Schneider in game three instead of Roberto Luongo.. There were some other close ones. If Marc-Andre Fleury had a decent backup, there might have been one. And if Jaroslav Halak didn’t get injured, there could have been another one. But as it stands, there was only one. So not a good start.

No player will get more than 30 points.

Such a win. No player had more than 20 points. It helped that some of the more offensive teams were eliminated early. Plus the Kings never played many games. Claude Giroux had me worried after his 14-point first round, but he recovered nicely and only had three points in the second round (and one suspension).

There will be no sweeps in the first round

Another win. Every series went at least five games.

There will be at least one major upset (7 or 8 seed winning)

I actually took this one because I was pretty confident that Washington would win. And the Kings ended up with the upset as well. Looking good so far.

Ilya Kovalchuk will not score in the first round

A loss. He scored three times against the Panthers.

One team will not score a powerplay goal in the first round.

So close. San Jose and Boston each scored two power play goals. And the Blackhawks, in a seven-game series scored only one powerplay goal.

Roberto Luongo will have a game where he lets in at least seven goals.

To be fair, he wasn’t given the chance to suck that bad.

There will be two suspensions in the first round.

I didn’t realize how many there would be. I should have said at least two suspensions, as that is what I actually meant. There were eight suspensions, for a total of 40 games. And that doesn’t include Shea Weber, who should have been suspended.

Nick Backstrom will lead the league in points after round one

Not even close. My theory was that Washington would beat Boston in a six or seven-game series, and Backstrom would be better than a point-per-game. That would put him around the 10-point mark. But Backstrom only had four points and a suspension in the first round. So disappointing.

There will be one four-overtime game.

Another one that was so close. Washington and New York played three overtimes, and were only five minutes away from a fourth before the Rangers scored.

So in the end, I got four right, and came pretty close on a couple of others. Not too shabby.  I would have loved to have gotten the no powerplay goals one right, but I wasn’t that far off.

All in all, pretty good considering they were more off-the-wall picks.


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