Habs fans surprise me sometimes

I know I should never be shocked when I read a Montreal Canadiens fan forum, but there are still lots of things that surprise me.

rubyswoon photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Seriously, wouldn’t Milan Lucic look good in a Habs uniform?

Recently, I posted on a Habs Facebook group, asking who is one person you would never want to see play for the Habs.

I chose Brad Marchand. Habs fans hated Mike Ribeiro and his diving ways. I couldn’t imagine they would support Marchand and his diving ways (plus his cheap shots).

Some made sense. Sean Avery and Matt Cooke (even though the first is now retired and the second has cleaned up his act).

Some choices had a personal feel. My buddy Dave hasn’t forgiven Martin Brodeur from scoring an empty net goal a decade or so ago. One guy never forgave Andrew Ference for giving the Habs fans the middle finger during a playoff game a couple of years back.

I can buy the reasons if it’s personal. But I was floored by some of the other answers.

Here was the rest of the list: Milan Lucic, Ruslan Fedotenko, Zdeno Chara, Alexander Ovechkin, Henrik Lundqvist, Scott Hartnell and Shane Doan.

None of these choices make any sense to me.

Let’s look at the list player by player.

Lucic: I don’t think there’s another NHL non-superstar player that Habs fans would love to have on their team more than Lucic. He’s pretty much everything the Habs need right now. He can hit, he can fight, he can score, he can intimidate, he can beat up Mike Komisarek with regularity. Basically, he’s the exact opposite of Rene Bourque. He would be treated like royalty by Canadiens fans.

Fedotenko: I’m just shocked that someone would think he’s the one person in the league they wouldn’t be able to cheer for.

Chara: Yeah, it would suck to have a guy on the team that gets nominated for the Norris trophy every single season. Habs fans would love Chara if he played for them.

Ovechkin: This is where the list really starts to get silly. A potential 60-goal scorer who likes to hit people and plays with passion? No room for someone like that on this team.

Lundqvist: I lime Price too. But if we had Lundqvist instead of Price, wouldn’t we cheer him?

Hartnell: Another guy who would be loved. He can hit, score, get under the skin of opposing players.

Doan: This only makes sense if people remember the frog comment he made a few years ago.

I realize a lot of these may be personal answers, but I can’t see anyone not cheering for Chara, Lucic, Ovechkin or Lundqvist if they played for Montreal.

What do you think? Who would you hate to see on the Habs?


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