Who thought putting Hitler in a TV ad was a good idea?

One of these days, I’m going to start awarding a stupid person/group of the week prize on this blog.

Apparently, a company in Turkey has decided to use Adolph Hitler in their commercial for a men’s hair shampoo.

People have sent in complaints about the commercial.

According to this Yahoo story:

The commercial is for a Turkish product called Biomen, and uses video  footage of Hitler with a voiceover. “If you are not wearing a woman’s  dress, you should not use her shampoo either,” Hitler appears to say in  the ad. “Here it is, a real mens’ shampoo, Biomen.” The commercial has been running in Turkey for about a week.

Not sure whatever convinced Biomen to think this was a good idea. How does one sit in an advertising meeting with all those executives, and the best anyone can come up with is to use Hitler in a commercial? Didn’t anyone question this? Didn’t one person raise their hand and say “Um, do we really want our brand associated with a guy who killed six million Jewish people and was responsible for the Holocaust?”

My guess is no. The Yahoo article mentions the company may have thought it was good shock value. But I just don’t get it. It’s not funny. It’s not going to do good things for your business. It probably won’t make you any money. And it’s probably going to turn a lot of people off your product.

Several groups have already come out against the commercial.

Just today, Biomen announced they will take the ad off the air. But here’s the thing: the company’s owner is defending the ad.

From the Jerusalem Post:

The company’s owner, Hulusi Dereci, said he stood behind the commercial but pulled it off the air due to the backlash it received.

He nonetheless continued defending the ad in an interview with Turkish daily  Hurriyet printed Wednesday, saying that if it had featured the father of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk instead of Hitler, “people would react as if we were mocking him. When it is Hitler, they say we are promoting [him].”

The guy just doesn’t get it.

Here’s the video. What do you think?

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One response to “Who thought putting Hitler in a TV ad was a good idea?

  1. Thanks for the article and video. I see what they are trying to do but it is really off-base. They were going for macho but Hitler’s extremist history (that’s my being PC?) makes this so inappropriate, and the company could end up alienating the markets they are trying to attract.

    Do people do market surveys anymore?

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