The biggest loser on the Biggest Loser

I have a lot of guilty pleasures when it comes to reality television.

Conda doesn't seem to understand that she should feel honoured to be on The Biggest Loser.

One of the shows recently has been the Biggest Loser.I’ve only seen the last three seasons or so, and for the most part, it’s pretty good. People go on the show to lose weight, with the one losing the highest percentage receiving $250,000. Every week, the team that loses the least amount of weight has to vote someone out.

This season is a little off though. The contestants just aren’t likeable. It feels like they believe they deserve to be there, whereas contestants in the past feel like it’s a privilege to be selected for the show. And there’s just too much fighting for the show to be liked.

There doesn’t seem to be the stories into the background of the contestants and how they got the way they are. There doesn’t seem to be the mutual support when they lose weight. There’s no togetherness, or helping each other out. There’s no inspiration. It’s all backstabbing, name-calling and immaturity. Which is fine on Survivor, but not on the Biggest Loser.

The worst of all the contestants is a girl named Conda. A single mom, she acts like a 12-year-old.

Here’s what she’s done so far:

  • She doesn’t listen to the trainers, to the point one of them kicked her out of the exercise room (she blamed him, of course) and told her not to come back until she was serious about losing weight.
  • In an episode where there were direct challenges against the opposing team, she lost a challenge to Cassandra. Conda then spent the entire episode saying that Cassandra cheated, even though she didn’t. So they had a re-match, and Conda lost again.
  • Then in that same episode, she lost the weigh-in to Cassandra.
  • In another episode, she was chosen to go home and only her weight would count for the team against one other person on the other team. And she lost that challenge.
  • When an at-home team came back, she immediately hated them and went about getting them eliminated.
  • She threw a weigh-in to get one of those at-home people eliminated.
  • When her trainer wasn’t at the gym, Conda did nothing but complain. The trainer got to see videotape of the workout, and wrote down every complaint Conda had. It was a big list.
  • She puts down people.
  • She talks behind people’s backs.
  • She rolls her eyes at people.
  • She has attacked almost every single person who has been eliminated, but tells them she actually cares for them.

Yet, Conda still acts like she the queen bee. And that’s the another annoying thing. She’s liked by other contestants on the show, so much so, I can’t see her getting voted out anytime soon.

It’s not just me. If do a Google search of “Biggest Loser Conda annoying”, you get more than 222,000 hits. If you change the word annoying to hate, you get more than 500,000 hits.

The thing is, it’s not like Conda is the person people love to hate (like Richard Hatch or Russell Hantz from Survivor). She’s just not a likeable person.

Major spoiler

Apparently, next week is a crazy episode. The Biggest Loser announces to the contestants that at least one eliminated person will be coming back to the show.

The remaining contestants don’t like it, and decide to walk off the show! Crazy.

But that goes back to my original point.

It feels like they believe they deserve to be there, instead of feeling like it’s a privilege to be there. It doesn’t feel like they want to lose weight, or that it’s secondary.

So most of them come back after a few days away, but two of them decide not to. No one knows who for sure, but I’m guessing Conda and her brother Jeremy. It makes sense on a few levels. The two who decide not to come back are probably close and make the decision together. And if they did go home, they may see all the hate there is for them on the Internet, and decide it’s not worth it to go back.

All I know is that walkout might be the only thing that saves this season.



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10 responses to “The biggest loser on the Biggest Loser

  1. Good observations, Tom. Hopefully the show will redeem itself.

  2. ******* Note: Major spoiler in this comment.

    Nope. Unfortunately it was Mark and Buddy, and they were cut loose! The final three are AnaConda, Jeremy, and Kim. We will also see this walkout in two episodes, not in the next one. I have no idea whether Chris remained or whether the show stuck to its guns and brought back eliminated players, but it’s almost certain they did not bring back the Aqua Team. Last, but not least, AnaConda holds one distinction: she is the contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss! Through her bullying tactics, she managed to get to the finale. My prediction is that the winner will be either Kim or Jeremy. I can live with Kim, but Jeremy is just as awful as his bully, racist sister!

    • Wow. If what you say is true, I have a little conspiracy theory. Conda (and possibly Jeremy), egged Mark and Buddy on to make a stand to get rid of their bigger competition.

      I have seen so much manipulation and underhandedness this season, that at this point, I’d believe anything. Conda in particular has been so selfish and conniving that I had stopped watching for a while.

  3. B

    Great article! I could probably add to the list of horrible things she has done this season. and I can’t believe Mark and Buddy aren’t coming back. Unless they bring back an eliminated player I will just stop watching. I could not bear a few episodes of primarily just the Britts.

  4. Donita

    Thanks for this,, Im glad now the Britts know they can stop trying to blame the people watching the show for Congo’s bullying,, now if its those 3 left with another person eliminated maybe Roy i hope he wins it all..

  5. kat

    Im kinda of confused you say the final 3 are conda, jermey, and kim.. but didnt say what happened to Chris???

  6. Sara West: what??? WHAT???? how do you know? I wont believe it. I WONT BELIEVE IT! YOU MUST TELL ME how it is you know this!

  7. Blah Blah Blah

    Well written. It is how most of us feel about this season. I’ve said it also.. this season has the most unlikeable contestants. In past seasons, you’d have your favorites, and root for them. Cheer if they did well at a weigh-in. Be inspired by them. This season however, I have felt nothing positive for any of them. Kim is another “winner” (yes, that was sarcasm). Her attitude is almost as bad as Conda’s. I don’t know if you noticed, when Chism won the 10k, Kim couldn’t even be a gracious loser.. she said “Whatever”. She’s another one who needs to grow up. They have all been so self centered, it’s just disgusting. When the aqua team EARNED the right to come back, they were met with hatred. Mark, a pastor didn’t even welcome them. He and Buddy, like sheep, followed Conda’s lead and both were voted off.

    One thing is true. No matter how much weight Conda loses (and Kim for that matter), they will still be ugly people.

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