If you can’t pick up after your dog, then don’t own a dog

I like animals. I grew up with three cats. One of my friends and former roommates had a dog that I lived with for three years. Some good friends of mine have a rabbit. Heck, I’ve fish-sat for people.

Ron Armstrong photo, via Wikimedia Commons

I'm not showing a photo of dog poop, so enjoy this pic of a dog catching a disc instead.

So I know there are lots of responsible people out there. This post is not for you.No, this post is for those of you who really shouldn’t be in charge of an animal.

Now that the weather is nice, I take my children out for a walk every day. There’s a little pond that is looped by a pathway. I go there each day, as there are lots of wonderful things about nature I can teach my kids. Geese stop in that pond on their further north. Trees are growing that were planted by Scouts a few years back. And you can see and hear robins singing in the trees.

And all around the pond, are plastic bags filled with dog poop that has just been left there. No word of a lie, you can easily count 30 bags as you’re circling the pond. It’s an eyesore, it’s disgusting and it’s irresponsible.

The city has garbage cans that they put around the pond in the summer. So some dog owners have decided to dump their bags in those spots. So there’s a collection of dog poop bags as well.


While walking yesterday, I saw a couple pushing a baby in a stroller while also taking their dog for a walk. They picked up the poop in a plastic bag, and left in on the side of the trail.

Way to teach responsibility to your kid. In that moment, you showed him it’s okay to break the law, litter and not be responsible for your own pet. Good job parents.

Even if the garbage can is there, you’re not supposed to dump dog poop there. You’re supposed to bring it home and flush it down the toilet. If you don’t want to do that, throw it in your garbage can at home. You have a baby. You must change his diaper and throw it away. Trust me, I don’t think adding the dog poop will any way make your at-home garbage can smellier.

So here’s the deal. If you can’t be a responsible pet owner, don’t own a pet. If you already have one, give it away to someone who will actually care for it. Like say, a child. Because a kid would probably be a better pet owner than you would.

And please, don’t ever think about getting a pet again. Because you’re proving that you just can’t handle it.


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