Top Sens #7: Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher was one of the greatest Ottawa players of all-time… until that harlot Carrie Underwood ruined his career by making him fall in love, get married, and demand a trade to Nashville.

Guitarmasta666 at en.wikipedia photo

Mike Fisher was a good all-around talent for the Sens.

At least, that’s what my female friends on Facebook were thinking last year.

When Fisher got traded, it marked the end of an era for Senators fans of the female persuasion: There was no more golden boy to fall in love with. First it was Wade Redden, then it was Mike Fisher.

But Fisher was more than good looks. He was a solid two-way player who could fill pretty much any role on the team. Need a guy to play on the first line because of injuries? Need a guy to kill a penalty? Need a guy to start hitting and make things happen?

Fisher did all of them. He was as perfect a second-line centre as the Sens could hope for. Scored at least 20 goals four different times. Hit 40 points four different seasons as well.

Strong defensively, solid offensively and good-looking. What else could a Sens fan ask for?


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