Top Sens #19: Ray Emery

Ray Emery had the chance to become the Ottawa Senators all-time best goalie, before injuries and controversy derailed him.

C.P.Storm photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Ray Emery could have been the best goalie Ottawa ever saw, if he didn't have so many off-ice issues.

He must have been pretty patient as a young player. First, he was called upon to be backup to Dominik Hasek. When Hasek became injured, Emery played great.

So how did the team reward him? By bringing in Martin Gerber to be the team’s #1 goalie. So Emery stole the starting job from him.

Then he brought the Sens on a magical run, culminating in a Stanley Cup finals appearance.

Sens fans loved him. Despite all the trouble he would get into, on and off the ice, they continued to support him. But when he started to become too much of a distraction (arriving late for practices, getting into fights with teammates at the practices he did show up for), the Sens let him go.

Probably the one thing most Ottawa fans will remember him for is a fight against the Buffalo Sabres. Well, two fights, actually. The first was against Sabres goalie Martin Biron. When Buffalo enforcer Andrew Peters went to protect Biron, Emery took him on as well.

Although he only had one season with the Sens when he was the true #1 starter (the year after the Cup finals, Emery missed a lot of time due to injuries), he is third all-time in team wins, and second in playoff wins.

If he had continued to have the patience to work at his game and practice, he may have gone down as the greatest Sens goalie ever.


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