Top Sens #20: Alexandre Daigle

Things were looking bright for Alexandre Daigle back in 1993.

Alexandre Daigle may have not lived up to his #1 pick potential, but he still ranks on the Sens all-time Senators.

He was the first overall draft pick. He signed a then-record rookie contract. He was the poster boy for the Ottawa Senators.

Then he wore a nurse’s outfit, made a draft-day comment about “no one remembers number two”, and things slowly went downhill from there.

After an okay rookie season (20 goals and 51 points), Daigle found out that he wasn’t the top young player in the Sens organization. Instead, the honour belonged to Alexei Yashin. And then Daniel Alfredsson seemed to be a better player. And Daigle slowly fell down the depth chart.

His second year in the league was actually pretty good, when he had 37 points in 47 games (teams only played 48 games that year because of a lockout). But he couldn’t live up to expectations. He followed that year with a pitiful 50-game, five-goal, 17-point season.

A career so full of promise. What happened? And does it matter?

Despite all his problems, Daigle was still a celebrity and a star in Ottawa. He averaged 0.57 points a game, which is eighth in team history of players who have played 300 games. He is 14th all-time in goals and points. In the 1996-97 season, he set a career high for goals in a season with 26, and matched his career high of 51 points. However, he had no points in seven playoff games that year. Halfway through the next season, he was traded.

He never lived up to his potential, but it was definitely not a boring ride.


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