Major keeper pool deal

So I made another deal this week in my keeper pool.

Dan4th Nicholas photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Kris Letang makes a nice addition to my keeper pool team.

With me being out of it this year, I’m not really looking to make some earth-shattering moves. But if I get a chance to improve my keepers, I’m going to jump on it.

And such an opportunity presented itself this week in The Greatest Keeper Pool Ever.

I traded Shea Weber and Jaromir Jagr for Kris Letang, Johan Franzen and a third and fifth rounder in 2013. The deal was with Kevin, who is in first overall, but not by much. As it stands now, it’s 15 points over second, and 16 points over third. And that’s after the deal. Before the deal, it was much closer.

Weber is now back playing after a concussion, so Kevin can get points from him, while Letang isn’t even skating. Franzen has two more points than Jagr, but has been slowing down a lot lately (only seven points in the last 30 days). And even though Jagr is injured, he should be back next week. I expect Jagr to outscore Franzen the rest of this season.

Plus, Kevin had made an earlier deal with a future consideration that stated if Kevin won the pool and Franzen finished in the top eight in scoring on Kevin’s team, Kevin owed the other guy his first round pick. So he wasn’t able to deal that pick. But by trading Franzen, it frees up the first rounder for him to try and make another move.

While it’s actually not a part of the stated deal, Kevin gained a first rounder of it.

So for Kevin, the trade was a good one.

As for me, it benefits my team in the long-term. I was going to have to drop Jagr at the end of the season anyways, so this way, at least I got something for him.

And Letang is, in my opinion, the better defenceman than Weber in a points pool. He plays with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and whoever happens to be on a line with either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin. Weber gets stuck giving the puck to Sergei Kostitsyn and David Legwand.

I expect Letang to be one of the best offensive defencemen for years. He was on pace for 70 points before he was knocked out with a concussion. He will be manning the powerplay on Pittsburgh for years.

Plus, Letang is about four years younger than Weber. Not sure if that really means much, honestly, but some people in my pool value youth above anything else. If I ever have to trade Letang, I should be able to get more value for him than I would have with Weber simply because of the age.

So as it stands now, my team looks like this (bold are keepers):

Forwards: Malkin, Stamkos, Parise, Hall, Duchene, E. Kane, Ryan, Zetterberg, Granlund, Franzen, Kadri

Defence: Letang, Markov, Streit, Boyle, Murphy

Goalies: Miller, Niemi, Brodeur

I now need to figure out what to do with Franzen and Kadri. I would like to keep Kadri, but I don’t think I will be able to. I may try to make a two-for-one deal so I don’t drop Franzen for nothing. Say, Franzen and Zetterberg for a keeper a bit better than Zetterberg. I’ve already tried to trade Kadri for a pick, but there’s been no takers.

I’m pleased with my defencemen. If I can upgrade there, I will. But I’m not activily looking to make a move. Streit and Boyle are consistent 50-point guys, but are getting a bit older. Murphy should be a dynamite defenceman in Carolina. The big question mark is Markov. If he can stay healthy next season, I’ll be pretty happy with his output.

As for my goalies, they could be stronger, but I’m content with them. Antii Niemi should be the #1 in San Jose for at least a couple more years. And I’m hoping Ryan Miller can go back to his Vezina-winning form sometime soon.

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