Bobby Ryan traded… in my keeper pool

Photo by Elliot, via Wikimedia Commons

Hello Bobby Ryan. Welcome to my keeper pool team. Try not to suck.

So I recently made the decision that I needed to make a move in the keeper pool.

I was in eighth place out of 10. I tried to make a move to move up in the standings, but no one was biting. So I decided that I needed to make a move the other way, and try to trade players that I couldn’t keep at the end of the season anyways.

So I made said move: I traded Joe Thornton, Teemu Selanne and a fourth rounder in 2013 for Bobby Ryan and a first in 2013.

This was a move designed to help both teams. It gave Andrew more depth, as he makes a run at first place. As for me, I get a great young player in Ryan (a former #2 overall pick, selected just behind Sidney Crosby). He’s young, had tremendous talent, and should be a solid keeper on my team for years.

I couldn’t keep Selanne at the end of the year. Because of expansion (we’re going up by two teams), we can only protect eight forwards, five defencemen, two goalies, and a rookie. So Selanne was dead weight on my team, so to speak.

The way I look at it, I traded Thornton and a fourth rounder for Ryan and a first. To me, that’s an upgrade on a keeper (maybe not this season, but in a couple of years as Thornton starts to slow down due to age) and an upgrade on a pick. For Andrew, he looks at it as trading away an underachiever and a first for two solid players who could get him 80 points this year.

Right now, my team looks like this (players in bold I plan on keeping):

Forwards: Malkin, Stamkos, Parise, Hall, Duchene, E. Kane, Ryan, Zetterberg, Granlund (rookie), Jagr, Kadri

Defence: Weber, Markov, Streit, Boyle, Murphy

Goalies: Miller, Niemi, Brodeur

Of course, all this could still change. A major trade offer comes my way that sees me improve upon a position. Or my guys magically stop sucking (I’m looking at you Parise and Zetterberg) and I make a run at it. Or my players stay healthy all season (ie- Miller, Markov, Hall, Jagr).

But I’m happy with my team. It’s pretty solid. I could use improvement at defence, but I think those are five solid defencemen once they’re all healthy and playing.


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