Happy birthday to my girls, and top twin questions

Today, my twin girls turn one year old.

It’s been a busy year of feeding, diaper changes and entertaining two little people who believe the world revolves around me and my wife. But it’s been great, the entire thing. Teeth are coming out, one of them is walking, they’re eating pretty much what I eat (minus the chocolate bars and the peach slices candy).

But the most interesting thing has been the reaction from people when we’re out and about. I wrote about people wanting to hold them and touch them already, but the funniest things are the questions we get from people.

So that being said, here are the top five questions/comments we get asked when we’re out.

5) Can I hold them? I already covered this one, but it still amazes me how many strangers think it’s perfectly okay to ask to hold children they don’t know.

4) Are they identical? I usually let this one slide. I’ve heard from enough people that they look alike to know that to a stranger, it may be tough to tell them apart (heck, it took my sister a week to tell them apart when she visited last summer).

3) You must not get very much sleep. Yes, I understand this is funny to people who don’t have twins. But I’ve always found that sleeping is not really an issue. My wife and I have a theory. If one baby is sleeping, one of us is allowed to sleep. If they’re both sleeping, we’re both allowed to sleep. It doesn’t matter if there’s laundry to do, dishes to wash, floors to mop, cooking to do or whatever. If they’re out, we’re allowed to be out. And since babies actually sleep a lot (although interrupted), we get plenty of sleep.

2) Are they two girls? Actually, that’s the one we hear less often. We normally hear, “Oh, it must be two boys,” or, “How cute, a boy and a girl.” Most people don’t guess two girls. We don’t dress them up in a lot of pink though. One funny story from a month ago: we were out with my sister-in-law and her baby girl (two months younger than ours), when we ran into a stranger. He took turns guessing on the gender of each of our kids. He said a boy for our oldest girl, then guessed a boy for her sister, and finally guessed a boy for their girl cousin. 0-for-3 buddy. Charlie Sheen has had more success with his marriages than you did guessing genders.

And the #1 question we get asked:

1) Are they twins? Yes, we really get asked that. Every single time. I can understand the confusion occasionally, like if I’m holding one and my wife is holding one. But if they’re in a stroller specially designed for twins, or in matching snowsuits, or something like that, I think it’s pretty obvious. And if someone thinks they look identical (item #4), then wouldn’t you assume they are twins?

Anyways, back to the point of the post. My girls are now one year old, and it’s been a joy. I’m excited to see what comes in the next year as they start to learn all these new things. I’m especially excited to hear them talk all the time. Their first full sentence will probably be “Hey, are me and her twins?”


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  1. smithaloo

    Hey Tom. Happy late Birthday to the girls! As a side note, some people buy double stollers for pushing around their very close in age children. (i.e. baby #1 is 10 months older than baby #2!). So maybe when in the stroller “Are they twins” could be a valid question. 🙂

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