I trade for Boyle in a keeper pool

So, as followers of this blog may know, I belong to a great keeper pool where I have one of the best teams on paper, but it hasn’t translated to success yet.

Ivanmakarov at en.wikipedia photo

Dan Boyle is a great addition to my fantasy hockey team.

My team before my latest trade looked like this:

Forwards: Malkin, Stamkos, Parise, Hall, Duchene, E. Kane, Joe Thornton, Kadri, Zetterberg, Ennis, Gionta, Beach, Gagne

Defence: Weber, Suter, Markov, Streit, Russell, Bieksa

Goalies: Miller, Niemi, Brodeur, Gustavsson

 The top eight forwards, five defencemen and two goalies count. Straight points for forwards and defencemen while goalies get two points per win, three extra per shutout, one point per assist and one point per shootout loss.

We keep 15 players plus two rookies. Bold are players I planned to keep.

What I like most about my team is that while it’s a team that can win now, the core is young enough that I have a good solid foundation for the future. A lot of my studs are 25 years old and under (Malkin, Parise, Stamkos, Hall, Duchene, Kane, Kadri and Weber).

But I was missing an extra defenceman. Since five count, and I was only planning on keeping four, that meant I had to trade for one or draft one. Since there are not many good defencemen available in our upcoming draft, I figured I needed to make a trade.

After not being able to make trades for Jack Johnson or James Wisniewski for various reasons, I focused on Dan Boyle. I honestly thought the other owner would want too much, but after some negotiating, we decided on the following deal:

Boyle for Ennis, Gagne and a third round pick.

Simply put, Boyle is a beast. He has scored at least 50 points in five of his last six seasons. He’s one of the top defencemen in the league when it comes to fantasy hockey. Since the NHL lockout ended, only Nicklas Lidstrom, Lubomir Visnovsky and Brian Rafalski have more points.

Gagne was a drop for me, so he didn’t really count. So the way I look at it, I traded Ennis and a third rounder for Boyle. That’s a great deal in my eyes.

Now I have a great set of forwards, a great group of defencemen and a solid group of goalies.

Hopefully this year, the great team on paper becomes a great team in my fantasy pool.


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