Why I love PK Subban

For Montreal Canadiens fans, there is a bevy of reasons to love PK Subban.

Bridget Samuels photo

There's a very good reason to love PK Subban.

He’s fast, has a wicked shot, strong defensively, hard to knock off the puck, has great end-to-end rushes and is a smart player.

But for me, those are secondary as to the reason I’m such a PK Subban fan.

I love PK Subban because other people hate him, both other teams and their fans.

That may sound like a weird reason, but it’s something the Habs haven’t had in years. A sign of a really good player is when he plays in other cities, and gets booed routinely.

Zdeno Chara gets booed wherever he goes. So does Chris Pronger. Fans love to boo Sidney Crosby as well.

It’s such a strange thing to have someone on your team who is detested by fans all over, yet those same fans would love to have that player on their team.

How long has it been since the Habs have had a player like that? You’d have to go back pretty far. Even though the Habs have had some pretty good hockey players over the years, it was hard to hate them.

Seriously, who were other teams going to boo? Saku Koivu? Richard Zednik? Brian Savage? Valeri Bure? Oleg Petrov?

I don’t remember much of the teams of the 80s, as I only became a Habs fan in the latter part of the decade. Were guys like Stephane Richer, Bobby Smith and Mats Naslund booed by fans of other teams? I don’t know if fans even really did that sort of thing back then, constantly booing someone on the other team the second they touch the puck. If they did, the frontrunners would probably have been Chris Chelios or Claude Lemieux, but both those players were gone by the end of the 80s.

So suffice to say, no Canadiens player has been that hated in the past 20 years.

The only Habs player I can think of that was constantly booed was Patrice Brisebois, but that was by Habs fans.

Right now, Subban is booed in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, etc. To me, that’s awesome. That shows that not only does Subban do a good job at getting under the skin of his opponents, but also under the skin of their fans.

It’s great to be a fan of someone other fans detest. That bodes well for future rivalries, intense games and great playoff series.

So come on non-Habs fans, and continue to hate Subban. It’s a good thing.


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