Threat of elections worse than actual elections

I may be in the minority, but I’m glad there’s a federal election.

Padraic Ryan photo

Election time is here, once again. (Padraic Ryan photo)

If this vote produces another minority government, I’d be in favour of another quick election. Because it’s not elections that drive me nuts, but the threat of elections.

Since a minority government came into “power” in 2004, there have been two other elections, but there have also been 347 threats of elections (estimated number).

Every time a budget is presented, the opposition threatens an election, but then decides to abstain instead. Every time there’s a little bit of controversy, there’s calls for an election, but nothing happens. Every time the party in power wants to pass something the other parties don’t like, they call for a vote of non-confidence, which would trigger an election, but nothing happens. Every time a new poll comes out that shows something different than the norm, there’s a threat of an election, but nothing happens.

It’s enough to drive a person batty.

But that’s also the reason why so many people seem to be electioned out, for lack of a better term. At least a few times a year, politicians threaten an election to gauge public reaction, only to be surprised when the public don’t have the patience to go through another one.

When you throw in provincial elections (held a mandated five years in Ontario) and municipal elections (which last almost a year, as people can register to run on Jan. 2, with the election held in November), it’s no wonder people are tired of them.

That’s also not including by-elections, party elections to announce who is running for each riding, etc.

From now on, there should be no threats of elections. Either vote against something or don’t. It’s not that hard. After all, it’s what they were elected to do.


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