Celebrity Apprentice thoughts

So the new season of the Celebrity Apprentice has started.

David Shankbone photo, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice started last night.

It’s one of my guilty pleasures of reality television. Mostly B or C name celebrities go on the show to raise money for charity. Since the money goes toward good causes, it’s a fun show to watch.

But it’s also frustrating at times. Last night brought out a few examples.

The men’s side, Backbone, lost the challenge because they didn’t raise as much money, which is the point of the task. But the men’s side was clearly better at the challenge, it’s just that the women knew more people with deeper pockets (one person gave $40,000 for a pizza).

But overall, the men’s team was dominant, as the women had plenty of problems. For starters, some of the deliveries weren’t made, including one that would have given them $35,000. The women closed the pizza parlour early. The project manager for the women, Star Jones, wouldn’t get her hands dirty and help prepare the food. The graphic design for the women’s advertisement was brutal. And so on.

And that’s the rub with the Celebrity Apprentice. It only takes into account how much money is raised each week, and not how good a team completes a task.

And the men’s project manager, former Survivor contestant Richard Hatch, said he was concerned that some people on his team never raised as much as they could, as a strategic ploy. It makes sense. If I were a celebrity and on the show, I wouldn’t be getting all my boys to come out and support me until I was the project manager. I’d get a few to make it seem like I was helping out, but I’d be saving the big guns for when I need them.

Now, I don’t read spoilers for the show, so I have no idea who makes it down the line, but I usually find it pretty easy to guess a couple of weeks in who will last long. I figured this time, I would give it a shot after one episode.

I think Richard Hatch will last a long time, as Trump likes to keep people who grate on other people’s nerves (whether it be Celebrity Apprentice or not). Think Clint Black from a couple of seasons ago.

Jose Canseco will last about half the season, until Trump gets tired of having a star athlete on the show.

Playboy playmate Hope Dworaczyk will last a long time, because Trump likes to keep beautiful women on the show for some strange reason, even if they don’t deserve it.

I think Star Jones, despite being able to raise a lot of money, will get under the skin of her teammates, and be eliminated about halfway through.

I think the final four will come down to Gary Busey, Lil Jon, Meat Loaf and Niki Taylor, with Marlee Matlin making it pretty far. To me, Lil Jon is the dark horse pick, but I think he can bring in a lot of money from his rapper friends when he needs too. Busey seems to know Trump the best on the show, and Trump likes to keep those in the game as long as possible, even if they don’t deserve it (ie- Joan Rivers). And Busey in the finals would probably bring in higher ratings than other celebrities.

So my final two is Meat Loaf against Busey, with Busey winning it all.


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