Fantasy all-star draft

With the NHL all-star fantasy draft coming up tonight, I thought it would be fun to do a mock draft and see how close we come to how the actual draft turns out.

Arnold C (User:Buchanan-Hermit)

Who will Eric Staal choose first in the all-star fantasy draft?

So I enlisted the help of my buddy, Matt. Matt is the blogger at the GM’s Blog (it’s a good blog, but ignore the fact it’s been updated once in 18 months. He’s a busy guy). He represented Team Staal, and had the first pick. I took Team Lidstrom.

We made the picks by e-mail over the course of a week, so there was one person chosen that ended up backing out of the all-star game, but it’s noted below.

Round 1

Team Staal: I officially draft Alex Ovechkin. May not be up to his usual point totals, but without Crosby, he’s the biggest star and arguably the best player. Plus, you know, decent left winger, too.

Team Lidstrom: I will choose Steven Stamkos. Leads the league in points, goals, and thank yous to Victor Hedman for injuring Crosby so he could lead the league in points and goals.

Round 2

Team Staal: Malkin. I know it gives me 3 centres super early in the draft, but hard to pass him up. Plus, it’s not my fault I was saddled with Kesler so early on.

*(Note: This pick was before Malkin was sidelined. In his absence, Matt chose Anze Kopitar to replace him).

Team Lidstrom: Cam Ward. If the game is in Carolina, I may as well get a Carolina player on my side. It’ll make it easier for the crowd to cheer for Team Lidstrom.

Round 3

Team Staal: Jonas Hiller. He’s on his head on a sub par team. On an all-star team? Lookout!

Team Lidstrom: Brad Richards. A winner where-ever he goes. Great for team morale.

By Iwona Erskine-Kellie from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Daniel & Henrik Sedin) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Will the Sedin twins end up on the same all-star team?

Round 4

Team Staal: Daniel Sedin. Hard to argue his steady production, will be interesting to see how he performs if he doesn’t play with his brother

Team Lidstrom: I’ll choose Henrik Sedin. May as well split them up. Plus, as we saw last year, Henrik is really good without Daniel. And maybe they’ll fight each other at some point.

Round 5

Team Staal: Need some help on the RW. Corey Perry should do adequately.

Team Lidstrom: Tim Thomas. Best goalie in the game right now.

Round 6

Team Staal: Rick Nash. Got two full lines set now.

Team Lidstrom: Duncan Keith. Need a defenceman, plus it will keep Kane happy.

Round 7

Team Staal: Ditto that. I’ll assume this will be the first All Star game featuring heavy hitting and low-scoring, and take Chara. I’ve got Green to get me numbers, so Chara will provide a nice balance.

Team Lidstrom: I’m going to select that great goalie, Jaroslav Halak. Oh, he wasn’t chosen? Then I’ll take Carey Price.

Round 8

Team Staal: I’ll take Toews as my 3rd line Center (bumping Kesler down to the 4th line).

Team Lidstrom: Keeping with the youth movement with Matt Duchene

Round 9

Team Staal: No choice but to take Henrik Lundqvist

Team Lidstrom: Taking the best defencemen not named captain Lidstrom, Dustin Byfuglien

Round 10

Team Staal: No choice but to take Marc-Andre Fleury

Team Lidstrom: I select Claude Giroux from the Flyers. Young, fast and speedy, or so I’ve heard.

By somegeekintn [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Who will be the last defenceman chosen?

Round 11

Team Staal: I select Shea Weber.

Team Lidstrom: To keep the Carolina people happy, I’m choosing Jeff Skinner.

Round 12

Team Staal: Loui Eriksson. Hard to argue his point totals this year, and it gives me 3 bona-fide left wingers

Team Lidstrom: Dan Boyle, as he will come in handy on all the powerplays that normally occur in all-star games.

Round 13

Team Staal: Letang. This is a Keeper all-star game, right?

Team Lidstrom: Continuing my trend of choosing players close to your team captain in some way, Marc Staal.

Round 14

Team Staal: I’ll take Erik Karlsson. Be interesting to see what he does on an NHL team. (Ouch – that’s coming from a Sens fan)

Team Lidstrom: Keith Yandle. See what this team called the Coyotes is all about.

Round 15

Team Staal: Ya, I’m stuck with Brent Burns. That’s my pick.

Team Lidstrom: I’ll choose another Blackhawk: Patrick Sharp.I’m surprised he lasted this long.

Round 16

Team Staal: Alrighty then, let’s go Paul Stastny, and hope the other guy I want makes it to my next pick. Really flip-flopped here, will explain why next pick.

Team Lidstrom: Danny Briere. I find it funny that replacement players are being picked before original selections.

Round 17

Team Staal: I take Havlat. Was flip flopping between him and Stastny, really trying to find a healthy balance of wingers and centers, and needed a right winger, but liked Stastny overall more than Havlat. Bah well, problem solved.

Team Lidstrom: I’ll choose David Backes to make sure the Western conference isn’t the last pick overall.

Round 18

Team Staal: I’ll take Kessel (again, was a dynamic player when he played alongside actual hockey players….)

Team Lidstrom: Then I will take Patrick Elias to round it out.



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3 responses to “Fantasy all-star draft

  1. love it, great seeing other fantasy degenerates on the web

  2. Kessel…

    2nd last in your fantasy draft. Last in the real draft.


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