Donald Trump selected the wrong Apprentice

So last night was the finale of the Apprentice.

The finale came down to Brandy and Clint.

And after what was such a good season, Donald Trump ruined it all by selecting the wrong person.

Sure, he’s a multi-billionaire and I’m not, so maybe my opinion is a little different, but Trump blew it last night.

The two finalists were Clint Robertson and Brandy Kuentzel. If you watched the show at all, you saw a big difference between the two. Clint was a smart person who everyone liked and won challenges. Brandy was a monotone person who never stepped up at all.

Yet, somehow Brandy won, and a day later it still doesn’t make sense.

Let’s look at the final challenge for starters. Brandy was in charge of a golf tournament, whereas Clint was in charge of the dinner. Any time a problem arose for Clint, no matter how big, he came up with the solution. For example, Liza Minnelli was the main attraction for the dinner, but her named was misspelled on pretty much everything. When Masha tried calling the printer, the guy in charge said that it would be too expensive to do. So Masha called Clint. Clint called the printer, and got them to change everything within the budget he had.

Another example had to do with the caterer cancelling late in the day. This would be the caterer who was in charge of providing food for Minnelli, which was a pretty daunting task. But the caterer didn’t even call to cancel, instead he chose to e-mail. Instead of stressing out about it, Clint and Steuart started calling up a long list of caterers. They all said no, it was too last minute, until Clint finally found someone who would say yes.

That’s the  way Clint was. If there was a problem, he handled it. The concert and dinner went off perfectly. There was not one single problem on Clint’s side.

Brandy, on the other hand, had major problems, and she didn’t solve any of them. Let’s start with the prizes. Brandy sent out two teammates to pick up golf gift cards for the winners, but the teammates came back with cheap golfing equipment. So how did Brandy handle this? She let it slide. Trump later said that the first place winners left the prize behind, because it was so cheap. In fact, Kathy Griffin consistently made fun of the cheap prizes.

Brandy had comedian Kathy Griffin as an MC to kick off the tournament. But Brandy wasn’t even there when the tournament started, because she was waiting for Donald Trump. By the time she got there with Griffin, it was too late.

Finally, Brandy screwed up, and never gave Trump a fourth person to golf with. In a scramble challenge, it’s important that each golfing team have four people. But Trump complained they only had three people, and had no chance of winning because of it. They played the first half for the tournament like this.

Yet, Brandy somehow won over Clint?

I would love for Donald Trump to have a blog where he can write about his decision, because I’m still at a loss.

Of course, that’s just the final challenge. Clint proved himself week after week, whereas Brandy did not.

Going into the finale, Clint was project manager three times, and had a record of 2-1. Brandy was project manager once.

Even when Clint wasn’t the project manager, he would win tasks for his team. Such as the one where they had to create a 30-second commercial for AT&T mobile TV and FLOTV. Even though Stuert was project manager, Clint came up with the idea, starred in the commercial, edited it, etc. It  was totally his project, even if he wasn’t the manager. The only problem there came from Clint’s team in this task was when Brandy made a poor presentation.

Clint also knew how to get what he wanted. He managed to dupe Liza into giving up the best time, and get the product he wanted, when they got to sell something on QVC.

And finally, he sticks up for himself. There was the time when he was being attacked by Masha after he left the boardroom, as Masha was accused of telling her opponents how much money they raised during a task. Masha said Clint had done the same thing, causing Clint and his team to storm back into the boardroom to defend Clint’s honour.

At no point during the whole season, did Brandy ever exhibit any type of leadership. She never stepped up to be project manager until she was the last one who hadn’t done so. She never made any decisions or came up with any ideas that won a task for her team. In short, she never contributed anything.

Except for the one time she was half-naked on a bed for a modelling shoot, which Trump loved.

I’m still not sure how she became the Apprentice though.


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4 responses to “Donald Trump selected the wrong Apprentice

  1. Debbie

    I think you nailed it exactly! There was no way that Brandy should have won. She even recognized that Clint was a stronger competitor. Clint wanted the job so badly he was willing to move anywhere & do anything. Brandy just hoped she made a good showing. I think she won because she looked good half naked on the bed and she flirted with Trump. I have always liked the Apprentice but I agree that Trump absolutely made the wrong decision!!! I don’t understand it. I don’t like it! I was extremely disappointed! I don’t know if I will ever watch the show again.

  2. Nick

    I loved the show…..However after the last episode I do not think I will ever watch this show again… I used to recommend the show to all of my friends besause I used to value Trump’s managment qualities…
    Now I see lack of professionalism and rudeness.

    I am wondering what will be Brandy’s job description.

  3. Eddie

    Just watched the series in the UK. I agree with everything in this blog and I had the same reaction when watching it. Clint would have had to screw up big time to lose the final task… but he didn’t. He did everything right! The only criticism Trump could levy was his ‘country boy’ accent. Scrapping the barrel. Brandy did not manage her team and a few things fell apart and were not bought up. Seeing the ridiculous and unfair outcome, I would not be surprised to learn that the “powers that be” had something to do with Clints original caterers deciding that they could not fulfil the order after all.
    Trump knew Clint would thrive after the show and that the exposure would help all of the apprentices… but Clint wanted to succeed at making it to the end of the process, but was publicly short-changed. Donald Trump can choose whoever he wants, but when he disregards his own criteria for what makes a good project manager, then I cease to be interested in what he has got to say. I can’t believe that Clint was being criticised for delegating the kitchen role to Steuart when in EVERY task in every series, people are told it is wise to delegate tasks based on peoples strengths. The only conclusion I can reach is that the decision was made long before the task and the winner was chosen from personal and not business reasons. UK Apprentice just as bad. Not watching either of them any more.

  4. Wasim

    Just finished watching the season finale …although few years late but who cares ,All I am concerned about is at the terrible winner result . Brandy did not deserve it. Clint was sure shot winner, as pm , as team player he stood out. Brandy did a really good job with the mic in the fashion shop but give me a break you gotta be having more than that to be able to be the apprentice . Disappointing result , Biased decision . Trump u let me down .

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