Sportsnet Connect complaint

I guess some sports stations just don’t get it.

Last night, when the Ottawa Senators had finished playing the St. Louis Blues, I wanted to watch coverage of Pat Burns’ passing (I don’t get TSN in my bedroom, just Sportsnet, so I watched them instead). Instead of leading with that story, Sportsnet Connect decided the weigh-in for UFC was a bigger story, and led with that. That was followed by an interview with UFC president Dana White, and then the top five fights of the week. All before anything about Burns.

I was so disgusted, I turned it off, and e-mailed the station a complaint.

I haven’t heard anything back, and I don’t expect to. But it was a sad state of affairs when they believe that a UFC weigh-in is a bigger story. It shows why Sportsnet coverage is a second-rate sports channel in this county.

Below is my complaint that I e-mailed.

Hi there,

  I just wanted to tell you that I am very disappointed with your coverage after the Sens-Blues game tonight (Nov. 19) on Sportsnet Connect. To not lead off with Pat Burns passing was a horrible decision.

  I’m not sure who makes the decision on what should be the main story, but to lead off with the weigh-in for the UFC over Burns is a disgrace. Then, that was followed by the top five fights of the week.

  It was a poor decision, and I actually stopped watching Sportsnet Connected when the top five fights came on.

  I realize I’m only one viewer, and one opinion may not count for very much, but I wanted to let you know how I felt.

  I guess from now on, I know what sports station to turn to when there’s a big story. And it definitely isn’t Sportsnet Connected.

Tom Collins


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