I make a major keeper pool trade

So as always, I’m always on the lookout for a keeper pool trade that will help my team.

Zach Parise is one of the newest additions to my keeper pool team.

In reality, I think I’m a season or two away in the Greatest Hockey Pool Ever, and then at that point, I’ll be a dominant team. I have good young players that still need to develop (Taylor Hall, Nazem Kadri, Evander Kane, Matt Duchene, etc.). Plus some players that are already superstars (Evgeni Malkin and Steven Stamkos). And a few solid defencemen (Ryan Suter and Shea Weber being the best).

But I was still missing the home run of a top goalie. Sure, I had some good potential goalies, but nothing that would win you a keeper pool.

Until today, that is.

Now, I own one of the best goalies in the league, even though he’s having an off-year.

This was the trade:

I gave up Carey Price, John Michael Liles, Derek Roy and Steve Mason.

I get Ryan Miller, Zach Parise, Kevin Bieksa, and third and fourth round picks in 2011.

Ryan Miller is also going to my team.

This, to me, is a great trade that helps both teams. Because I’m another year or so off from having a great team, I wanted to make a move looking ahead.

Parise, who is out for three months, is no good for me this year. But he’s a 90-point guy, so I’m ecstatic to get him. Miller is the reigning Vezina trophy winner. And my new #1 goalie.

Nathan, the guy I traded with, is looking to win now. He came second last year and is looking to win it all this year. So he’s willing to give up valuable assets that can’t help him this year in an effort to come first.

Roy is good for 70 points, which is an upgrade for him over Parise for this season. Liles is an upgrade over Bieksa (who I will probably drop next summer anyways).

As for Miller, he’s off to a slow start, and Buffalo is one of the worst teams in the league. Nathan only had Martin Brodeur and Miller, so he needed a goalie as both are struggling, and two goalies count for us. Price is one of the top netminders in our pool. And by getting two young goalies (and a middle-aged player in Roy), Nathan also has a good solid core for the next few years.

The other bonus of this trade? I had 24 players on my team, and can only keep 17 players next summer. So I had to drop some players. By trading four players and getting three back, it makes my decision next summer easier. And since I’ll probably drop Bieksa, it brings me down to 22 guys. In the end, it keeps me from having to drop a guy like Kadri.

The deal moved Nathan into first place, so that’s good for him. He gets a third goalie, so that’s good for him. I get a #1 netminder, and a 90-point guy.

And the two draft picks are always important. That’s where keeper pools are won.

Overall, a good trade for both teams.


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