NFL picks, week 3

Another week gone in the NFL, another 8-8 week. I so far have a total record of 16-16. 

Frank Gore needs to be really good for the 49ers to win.

I know my goal is to get a .500 average, but this is a bit much. 

Let’s see if I can get at least a game above .500 this week. 

On to the picks: 

San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs, 49ers favoured by 2 1/2 

An 0-2 team on the road is favoured against a 2-0 team at home? The 49ers look confused at times, turn the ball over too much, and have a coach that hasn’t improved the franchise at all since he took over in 2008. The Chiefs may not be the greatest team, but they’re grinding out wins so far. My pick: Chiefs 

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots, Patriots favoured by 13 1/2 

Remember all the stories after week 1, when journalists/bloggers were writing stories about what teams should be panicking? New England wasn’t one of them. But you wouldn’t know it from the amount of stories this week after a loss to the Jets. Look, they’re not the Pats of a couple of years ago. They won’t go undefeated. But they will dominate a Bills team that announce another new quarterback starter this week: Ryan Fitzpatrick. A name like that sounds like he should be playing goalie for the New York Islanders, not trying to lead a football team. My pick: Patriots 

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, Saints favoured by 4 1/2 

The New Orleans Saints have played two tough games so far, against teams many people feel they should have dominated. But when it’s a national game, players rise for those contests. Look at the Bills. Every time it’s a Monday night game, it comes down to a last-minute field goal. So for the 49ers to play a close game against the Saints on Monday night? No matter. The Saints will continue to roll along. My pick: Saints

Pittsburgh has the league's best defence, which is good, because their offenceis horrendous.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Steelers favoured by 2 1/2 

This is my upset of the week. The Steelers have the best defence in the league right now. But their offence is awful. They have a total of two touchdowns so far, one running and one on special teams. Most people aren’t taking the Bucs seriously, but I think they’re overlooking just how bad the Steelers offence is. My pick: Bucs 

Tennessee Titans at New York Giants, Giants favoured by 2 1/2 

Both teams would like to forget last week’s debacles. But it looks worse for Tennesse. The Giants couldn’t get anything going last week, but the Titans turned the ball over seven times on offence. Seven times! It would take Jake Delhomme two games to reach that total. And Chris Johnson didn’t look so good. If he starts to falter, the Titans are in a lot of trouble. My pick: Giants 

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings, Vikings favoured by 10 1/2 

Third game of the season. Just in time for Brett Favre to have a great game, and then to tell everyone in the post-game news conference about how much he loves playing, how great it is to be back again, etc. My pick: Vikings 

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens, Ravens favoured by 10 1/2 

Only eight games in to the third week, and already we’re seeing our third 10-plus point spread. What parity? Anyways, to sum up, Baltimore defence is great, blah blah blah. Cleveland sucks, blah blah blah. My pick: Ravens 

Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers, Bengals favoured by 3 1/2 

This Cincy team will be the hardest team to judge this year. They could play a strong game and beat a powerhouse like the Ravens. Or they could be horrible and lose badly to the Pats. Or they could be somewhere in between. They’re like that Katy Perry song: “You’re hot and you’re cold.” But I think they’ll pull off the victory here. My pick: Bengals

There's not much to cheer about in Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans, Texans favoured by 2 1/2 

If Dallas loses this week, how long before the Wade Phillips must be fired chants/websites/articles start up? I give it about five minutes after the end of the game. The Texans look tough, and they’ve beaten some good teams so far. My pick: Texans 

Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams, Redskins favoured by 3 1/2 

The Rams are scoring only 13.5 points a game, but only allowing 16.5 points a game. That means they’ve come out on the wrong side of some pretty close games. This one will be a bit different, but I still expect it to be pretty close (less than a touchdown). My pick: Redskins 

Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars, Eagles favoured by 2 1/2 

This line came out before the Eagles announced Michael Vick would be the starter. I think Andy Reid is a smart man. He’s going to keep playing Vick with hopes that Vick has a bad game. Then he can put Kevin Kolb back into the starter’s role, and voila, no more quarterback controvery. But it won’t happen this week. My pick: Eagles 

San Diego Chargers at Seattle Seahawks, Chargers favoured by 5 1/2 

The Chargers are a great regular season team, and have been for quite a few years now. There’s no reason to stop taking them now. They have an easy ride into the playoffs, and this game should be no matchup. My pick: Chargers 

Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals, Cardinals favoured by 4 1/2 

I don’t care how bad the NFC west is. As long as they get games against the Raiders, they can’t look that bad, can they? My pick: Cardinals 

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos, Colts favoured by 5 1/2 

Wait, so what happened to all those people who were panicking about the Colts after week one? I understand in football, because of the fact it’s only a 16-game schedule, each game is important. But at the same time, the fans and the media shouldn’t be wavering on teams because of one week (see the Patriots game this week). My pick: Colts 

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins, Dolphins favoured by 2 1/2 

Okay, I understand Braylon Edwards did something wrong (drinking and driving). I understand Rex Ryan said in response, that Edwards wouldn’t start the game this week. And I understand Ryan said it is up to him to decide when Edwards will play. But what I don’t understand is so many people are treating this like Edwards will be out the whole game. I figure Edwards might miss the first play or two, or maybe even the first drive. But the Jets can’t get anything going, don’t expect Edwards to be out of the game for that long. My pick: Jets 

Side note: Why does the NFL suspend Ben Roethlisberger for four games for something he wasn’t charged for (sexual assault), but not for Edwards for drinking and driving? I am in no way excusing Roethlisberger for his alledged behaviour. But what Edwards did was dumb. Why wait until a player hits someone while drinking and driving before suspending a guy? And it’s not like it’s the first time for Edwards. He’s been caught speeding numerous times (120 mph in a 65 mph zone), and for punching a guy in the face (he was given a suspended sentence). I just don’t understand the NFL’s behaviourial policy. 

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears, Packers favoured by 2 1/2 

Both teams are 2-0. Both have beaten a creampuff team and a tough team. But the Bears haven’t played a team as good as Green Bay. I’m thinking Green Bay will win in a rout. My pick: Packers 


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