NFL picks, week 2

So last week went okay. I wanted to pick .500 football during the season, and I started off with 8-8, for a .500 record. Some upsets screwed me, plus another couple of games where teams didn’t cover (I would have been 9-7 if Minnesota didn’t miss the extra point after their lone touchdown against the Saints).  

Baltimore should beat the Bengals by more than 2 points this week.


Ah, but the thing about football is that there’s always a new week to look forward to.  

On to the picks:  

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals, Ravens favoured by 1 1/2  

So the Jets were Superbowl favourites, the Ravens knock them around a bit, and now Baltimore is only favoured by 1 1/2 against the Bengals? Sometimes, I just don’t get how they predict the lines. My pick: Baltimore  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers, Panthers favoured by 3 1/2  

Way too high for the Panthers, who looked brutal against the Giants last week. Meanwhile, Tampa barely squeaked out a win against the lowly Browns, but I think they’ll do better here. They may not win, but they should cover. My pick: Tampa Bay  

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons, Falcons favoured by 6 1/2  

Atlanta looked dreadful against the Steelers last week, getting only three field goals. And they screwed up my fantasy football team, as Matt Ryan got me nothing. The Cardinals are good enough to lose this game, but not by a blowout. My pick: Arizona  

Michael Vick will run all over the Lions this week. (Photo by Ed Yourdon)


Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions, Eagles favoured by 4 1/2  

While watching the Eagles games last week, I saw Michael Vick almost single-handedly win the game against the Packers. So I rushed out and grabbed off the waiver wire. And with Kevin Kolb not likely to start, I figure Philly will dominate. Plus, with Lions QB Matthew Stafford injured, Detroit probably won’t be on the offence for long. Look for Vick to run wild, and really start a QB controversy. My pick: Philadelphia  

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys favoured by 8 1/2  

The Cowboys started off slowly last week, but really should have won that game if it weren’t for two bad plays, one at the end of each half. I expect them to win this week, but the spread is too big. My pick: Chicago  

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans, Titans favoured by 5 1/2  

I don’t know why the Steelers get so many prime time games. If you think of all the horrible games over the years, they’ve involved the Steelers. A 6-3 game? A 3-0 game? Without even knowing when it took place, I could guess the Steelers were involved. Last week was the same. This week probably won’t be too different. Ugh. My pick: Titans  

Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns, Browns favoured by 1 1/2  

Matt Cassel could lead the Chiefs to a 2-0 record this week. (Photo by Jeffrey Beall)


Kansas City fans should be excited. They have a chance to go 0-2. Cleveland fans should be disappointed. After all, they’re cheering for the Browns. My pick: Kansas City  

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings, Vikings favoured by 5 1/2  

Brett Favre was brutal in the opening week. 110 yards, and one touchdown? Brutal. Oh wait, that was last season’s start. And it was against the Browns a year ago, as opposed to the defending Superbowl champions this season. Favre will be fine, and will get better as the season goes along. It’ll be a little better this week. My pick: Vikings  

Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers, Packers favoured by 13 1/2  

Green Bay had a great first half last week, but looked not so good in the second half. There’s no need to worry about that this week against the Bills. My pick: Green Bay  

St. Louis Rams at Oakland Raiders, Raiders favoured by 3 1/2  

Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford looked half-decent last week in his debut. Oakland fans must be upset that Bradford already has a better career than JaMarcus Russell. My pick: St. Louis  

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos, Broncos favoured by 3 1/2  

For some reason, the Broncos always dominate at home. So does Broncos QB Kyle Orton, no matter where he plays. And this week they’re playing against the Seahawks, who a lot of people predict will have a brutal season, despite a dominating win last week. My pick: Denver  

New England Patriots at New York Jets, Patriots favoured by 1 1/2  

I said last week that the Jets were overrated, and they proved me right. The Patriots on the other hand, looked better than I thought they would be. My pick: New England  

Redskins cheerleaders are happy their team is 1-0 (Photo by Keith Allison)


Houston Texans at Washington Redskins, Texans favoured by 2 1/2  

This is the game that is the hardest for me to pick. I like both teams going in. Washington won last week, but that was more because of Dallas’ play than anything Washington did. The Texans took it right to the Colts last week, but may have played over their heads for a week. It’s hard to call. But in this case, the deciding factor was the offence. The Texans were able to score last week, Washington wasn’t. My pick: Houston  

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers, Chargers favoured by 7 1/2  

Sure, the Chargers lost last week against the Chiefs, but I chalk it up more to bad luck. Playing in the pouring rain negates the skill advantage a better team would have. This week, there won’t be that issue. My pick: San Diego  

New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts, Colts favoured by 5 1/2  

A lot of Colts fans are panicking after last week’s lost to the Texans, but don’t buy into it. The media need something to talk about after week one, and since there are no trends, they go with pushing the panic buttons. The Colts aren’t too different a team than the ones that have dominated the past 10 years. I fully expect them to win this week, but it will be tight one. My pick: New York  

New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers, Saints favoured by 4 1/2  

And so it begins. The weekly Monday Night Football game that doesn’t look good on paper, and looks worse on TV. A horrible mismatch, and I expect to be finished watching by the second half, unless I’m involved in a close fantasy football match. My pick: New Orleans


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