Bosh leaving was predictable

Because of work things, I haven’t had a chance to update my blog as often as I would have liked in the summer. But even though it’s a month-and-a-half late, I did want to touch upon something.

Sometimes people find out about my blog through various Google alerts, Yahoo searches or links from other web sites.

In a couple of instances in the past year, it has been content of my predictions that have been chastised. But when you look at things logically, you see that it all makes sense.

For example, last year I wrote a post entitled, A whole new Raptors team, the same old result? In the post, I talked about how, if the Raptors had another non-playoff season, Chris Bosh was certain to be out the door for a place where he could see his name in lights and make some extra cash.

But will that be enough to keep Bosh? I don’t think so, and all because of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

Because of the two of them also being free agents next year, a lot of teams are saving cap space to make a run at them. So what happens when teams lose out on them? To rebuild a roster, they’ll have to go after other players, such as Bosh. Would Bosh turn down a maximum contract to play in a place like New York if the Knicks don’t sign Lebron?

I mentioned New York because I knew they were clearing cap space at the time. I knew that if they didn’t sign Lebron, there was always a chance that the Knicks would sign another two or three big free agents. And the lights shine brighter in New York than anywhere else. But New York was more of an example of what would happen.

Anyways, The Raptors Republic blog picked it up, and I saw my hits go through the roof (thanks guys!). But most of the visitors from that site didn’t agree with what I wrote, and definitely didn’t like it.

One guy wrote: “If Bosh leaves after this season the Raptors will have saved all that cash and will be able to offer it to a talented class of free agents that would be joining what is a very solid team even without CB4.”

Obviously, that didn’t happen. The Raptors have no marquee player, and look worse now than they did in the days following the Vince Carter trade. That lineup? Loren Woods, Chris Bosh, Jalen Rose, Pape Sow, Milt Palacio, Rafer Alston, Matt Bonner, Eric Williams, Alvin Williams, Lamond Murray, Morris Peterson, Aaron Williams, Donyell Marshall and Rafael Araujo.

It took the Raptors years to recover from that brutal lineup. Now, they’re in the same situation. No all-star amongst the current group of guys. A lot of great bit players, but that’s about it. There were no major free agent signing to replace Bosh. No major trade to make up what losing Bosh does to the franchise.

Another guy wrote: “Mark my words. Bosh will not sign an extension this summer but he WILL re-up with the Raptors next summer. Guaranteed. And I’m willing to drop money on that.”

I didn’t take him up on his offer, but I probably should have.

I’m sure people see it more now. But back then, it was more hidden, or at least, not really talked about amongst Raptors fans. Bosh loves attention. Think of his Youtube videos he did so people would vote him into the all-star game. When going through free agency, he brought a documentary crew along with him.

He did everything short but stand in front of a busy shopping mall and scream “Look at me!”

By going to a popular tourist area (Miami), and playing next to two of three biggest names in basketball (Dwayne Wade and Lebron James), Bosh will now get plenty of attention. More than he would have gotten in Toronto. More than if he went to New York. Or San Antonio. Possible the only other place that could have matched it was L.A. with the Lakers.

But the fact of the matter is, Bosh was going to leave this team. The writing on the wall was always there. You just had to read it.

And finally, another commenter said this: “No one who is of sound mind turns down up to $30m of their lifetime earnings so they can WORK with a “friend” or go to another city. Not even if they’ll get to put their name beside a pretty trophy! None of these guys are worth the same money doing anything else.”

It’s almost like he, one year in advanced, predicted Chris Bosh’s moves exactly, but couldn’t believe they would happen. Chris Bosh turned down the max earnings he could have made by re-signing with the Raptors to go work with a friend (Wade; James wasn’t signed then), all in the hopes he could put his name beside a pretty trophy.

Bosh now gets everything he ever wanted. A chance for a championship. Tons of attention. The ability to win. The ability to have fun when he plays. And the fact that the game isn’t going to rest on him every night, because there’s other people to help him with that (which should also help him stay rested and not get injured as much).

There was never any doubt Bosh was going to leave. He may have loved Toronto, and he may have enjoyed playing for the Raptors. But neither Toronto the city or Toronto the team could give him what he craved.

Miami did. You could see it coming a year in advance.



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2 responses to “Bosh leaving was predictable

  1. Great Post! It was expected, since he’s contract has ended. What’s unexpected is joining forces with Wade.

  2. Randy

    I think Chris DouChe gets too much credit for his work in Toronto. Chris Douche is the Paris Hilton of Bball (famous for doing nothing). Seriously, how was chris important to Toronto? Mike James put up good numbers with Toronto , because he took most of the shots.chris will only play until he gets his 20 and 10 then he will start settling for jump shots.Thank God he is gone

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