Last year at the Ex?

This is a photo I took at the Ex many moons ago.

There’s a few things that amuses me about people in Ottawa.

Such as the whole debate between pedestrians, bicyclists and car drivers. (Give it a rest people, and everyone start smartening up. None of you own the road.)

Or the debate over whether people should be allowed to bring chairs to Bluesfest. (Yes)

Or the never-ending hope that this year be the Senators year. (News flash: It’s not).

But there’s one debate that stands out more to me than any other, and that’s the debate about The Ex and it moving from Lansdowne Park.

Here’s a heads up for people: It’s not moving!

I remember, back in the days as a newspaper reporter, covering the Ex and the never-ending discussion of it moving to a field in the south end, near Albion Road.

In fact, at one point, it looked like such a sure thing, that the Ex logo for that summer was “Last Year at Lansdowne.” That was around 2002. It’s now eight years later, and the Ex is still there.

But every year, there are plenty of stories in the media about how this is the last year at Lansdowne for The Ex. Today, it’s the Ottawa Sun and the EMC. At no point does a reporter ask, “Hey, weren’t you supposed to be gone about a decade ago?”

In fact, according to Wikipedia: “Starting in 1974, the Exhibition Association worked to move the Exhibition to a new location, but the Exhibition never moved and in 1994, the City directed the Association to stop searching for a new location.”

Wait, what? You tried for two decades to move, and couldn’t do it?

Yes, I know. The property is going to be redeveloped, blah blah blah. But until the Ex is actually gone from Lansdowne, I won’t believe it.

I’m sure they’re trying hard, but they’re just not getting anywhere. And because they’re not getting anywhere, odds are it’s not going anywhere.

But honestly, knowing its history, who thinks they can actually be gone by next September? History, and time, isn’t on their side.


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