A fun mental web site to visit

So I’ve been hearing about studies that say you should exercise your mind just as much as your body.

I’ve always tried to do that. Whether it be crossword puzzles, or Sudoku, or whatever, I’m always trying to find things to test the old noggin.

Lately, I’ve found a site called sporcle.com. People come up with different quizzes, and you have a certain amount of time to answer them.

For example, can you name all 50 states in 10 minutes?

There are quizzes about history, television, movies, geography, etc. Thousands of quizzes on thousands of subjects.

My favourite ones have to deal with the NHL. And there’s a lot of good ones there. Here are five good ones if you’re a hockey nut:

• Can you name the NHL #1 Draft Picks? A half-decent one to start off. You have 10 minutes to come up with all the picks.

• Can you name the goalies that played the most regular season games of each team the last five seasons? Sounds easy, until you’re stuck trying to figure who started games for Atlanta back in 2003, or in Buffalo before Ryan Miller. Again, 10 minutes.

• Can you name the players with the most points in the NHL season they were at the respective age? So, who scored the most points at the age of 18? At the age of 19? And so on. The top ones are easy. Trying to figure the third highest scorer for the age of 35 is not. Only seven minutes to come up with the right ones.

• Can you name the Top 5 All Time NHL Team Goal Scorers? Pretty good one. It certainly tests how well you know a lot of teams, as opposed to one or two. You get 20 minutes to try and finish this one.

• Can you name the Top 50 NHL Point-Scorers that are not in the Hockey Hall of Fame? A really tough one. If they were good and memorable, then they should be in the hall of fame, no? Tough to get them all in 10 minutes.

You get the idea. The site is a lot of fun, and I recommend checking it out when you can.


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