Persons Unknown show just not very good

It didn’t take long for a network to try and fill the shoes of the now-departed Lost.

Persons Unknown debuted a week ago. They pretty much emulate Lost at every opportunity, even going so far to promise that at the end of the season, the questions will be answered, just to capitalize on those people who were angry at the Lost finale.

So I was willing to give Persons Unknown (to be known as PU from here on out) a chance. But man, is it bad. You would think trying to imitate a hit show would create better television. But it doesn’t.

Now, if you’ve seen both Lost and PU, you’ve probably already seen the similarities:

  • People wake up to find themselves in a mysterious place. I’m surprised the opening scene wasn’t just Jack’s eye opening in the jungle.
  • There are the Others in the PU town who seem to know more about what’s going on, just like the Others on Lost.
  • People on Lost couldn’t leave the island. People on PU can’t leave the town.
  • On Lost, Michael had to kill someone to get Walt back and be able to leave the island. On PU, the main character has to kill someone to get her daughter back and leave the town.
  • One of the main characters has daddy issues, just like most of the characters on Lost.

Overall, the show isn’t exciting. The reporter angle is boring and I have no idea how it ties in to anything, and I honestly don’t care.

But the worst is the characters. On Lost, you cared for all of the characters (except for Shannon). You wanted to characters to survive (except for Shannon). When they were sad, you were sad (except when Shannon was sad; you were happy at that point).

But on PU, I just don’t care. I don’t know their names yet. I don’t care if any of them die, or if they escape, or if they’re stuck in the town forever.

Lost was good. Persons Unknown trying to be like Lost is brutal.


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