Other Sens rallies

So it looks like Ottawa Senators fans will be holding a rally on Parliament Hill on June 19 to try to show Jason Spezza that he’s loved in Ottawa.

But for those who may not be aware, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other rallies that will that Sens fans will be holding this summer.

So, in my best Down Goes Brown imitation, here are some other rallies for Sens fans to attend.

• June 19: A rally to keep Jason Spezza in town.

June 20: A rally to raise money for Chris Neil.

• June 24: Trying to create positive karma, a rally in support of Bryan Murray and letting him know that they support all his past draft picks, Brian Lee included

• June 25: A rally to try to figure out how to properly pronounce first-round pick Tom Kuhnhackl’s name.

• June 30: A rally to show Murray that Ilya Kovalchuk would look good in a Sens jersey

• July 1: A rally to say that Kovalchuk is overrated, and the Leafs are stupid for signing him

• July 3: A rally for Murray to finally sign make a big splash in the free agency market

• July 4: A rally to show that signing Tomas Plekanec to a five-year, $27 million deal was a good pickup, despite his small size, poor faceoff percentage and horrible shootout record

• July 4: A rally to say that singing Olli Jokinen was a good signing and he can turn it around in Ottawa, especially on a line with Alexei Kovalev

• July 12: A rally to show that Pascal Leclaire is a true #1 goalie, no matter what his career stats say, all you need to do is look at Game 5 of the first round for proof of that.

• July 17: A rally at Scotiabank place to show general support for the team (the Leaf fans who show up drown out the Sens fans and their cheering)

• July 18: A rally by Sens fans to say classless Leafs fans should stop booing the Sens, because it upsets the Senators players and their fans

• August 1: A rally to convince themselves that Kovalev has only had three bad years of the past four seasons, and he’s due to turn it around

• August 7: A rally for Daniel Alfredsson, just so he doesn’t feel left out (Alfie guarantees the crowd his feelings weren’t hurt)

• August 19: A rally to show Mike Fisher that he’s still worth the $4.2 million cap hit, just because people can keep an eye out for Carrie Underwood

• August 24: A rally that celebrates the trade of that bum, Jason Spezza, for Scott Hannan and Milan Hejduk. Because former one-time 50-goal scorers who have seen a decrease every season since then is always a good thing to have, right?


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