A look back on the NHL playoffs

With the Stanley Cup playoffs now over, I figured this would be a good time to look back on how I did this postseason.

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I started off the playoffs with 10 predictions, something a bit different than what most experts would do (they’re too busy talking about how this will be the year for the San Jose Sharks).

Here’s how I did:

#10: There will be at least four goaltending controversies in the first round

I just missed out on this one. There were goaltending controversies in Montreal (Halak was replaced by Price), Washington (Jose Theodore was replaced by Varlamov) and Ottawa (Elliott was replaced by Leclaire). But that only gave us three.

#9: Jaroslav Halak will be brutal in his first two playoff games, and will be replaced by Carey Price for Game 3 of the first round.

I’ll take this one as a win. Halak was brutal in the second and third game, was replaced by Price in Game 3, with Price starting in Game 4.

#8. The team that wins the Stanley Cup will not have a goon on their team.

That’s also a win, as the Blackhawks don’t have a goon.

#7. Daniel Carcillo will do something stupid to allow the other team to take control at the wrong time 

This is a loss. He never did anything really stupid, and didn’t have much of a chance to in the finals, as he only played two games against the Blackhawks. But he was solid against New Jersey in the first round, and played every game against the Devils and the Bruins.

6. Marian Hossa will once again lose in the finals

So close to this. On the flip side, if Chicago had lost this series, this one would have been a win, and #8 would have been a loss. So they cancel.

5. The Sens will lose an important game by taking a too many men on the ice penalty.

Who could have predicted that this season would have seen so many too many men on the ice penalty? And no one has been able to explain why. Sure, you hear some of them talk about how the game is faster, and there’s line matching, etc. But you know what? There was plenty of line matching last year, and we saw less than half of what was called this year. If line matching (and the faster play since the shootout) were the reasons, we would have seen a steady increase since the lockout. Yet we haven’t.

Anyways, the Sens had a game where they took two too many men on the ice penalties, but they didn’t lose the game because of it. I’ll count it as a loss.

4. Roberto Luongo will have a game where he lets in at least seven goals. 

Again, so close. He had one game where he let in four goals on 16 shots before being pulled with 27 minutes left, a game where he let in six goals (with an empty-netter that gave the other team 7 goals), and two games where he let in five goals. Not sure what it is, but Luongo tends to suck come playoff time.

3. An underdog team will make it to the finals.

Thank you Philadelphia Flyers. Win for me.

2. No player will get more than 30 points.

This is the one that most people would have laughed about at the beginning of the playoffs. Sidney Crosby had 14 points in six games in the first round. Jonathan Toews had 20 points after two rounds. Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Danny Briere both made a push to get more than 30 points (Briere finished with 30 exactly). But none of them did. Win for me.

1. Alexander Ovechkin will be the subject of a suspension controversy.

This would have happened if Ovechkin had decided to show up for most of the playoffs (yes, he had 10 points in the first round, but only two points in four losses). I was expecting it to happen against Pittsburgh, but #8 had other plans.

So in the end, four out of 10 right, with another three that I just missed out on. I’m happy with those results.

Other predictions

In my actual round by round predictions, I finished with 10 wins and five losses, mostly thanks to six wins in the first round. That’s better than most of the experts out there, who have a tendency to look at final standings and pick the “favourites” with no regards to matchups.

As for my playoff pool, I won by more than 30 points, and will soon be enjoying a new PS3. I am now 4-0 in the last two years in playoff pools. So if anyone needs any advice, let me know.



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2 responses to “A look back on the NHL playoffs

  1. abitofeverythingsport

    just an FYI, not sure if this is for everyone but your picture on this page is not linked or something, all I get is a big box with a red X

  2. Yeah, the place I use to grab photos from is having issues. It’s been like this for a few days now. I have a ticket in, and am hoping they fix it soon.

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