Item #14 crossed off bucket list

So I’ve managed to cross another item off my bucket list. And it’s probably been the most gratifying one so far.

Finish paying off my line of credit

You always see the commercials for it: someone calls wondering why you haven’t been paying your bills, why you’re so far in debt. I owed a lot of money on my line of credit, which is not good for someone who was making what I was making at the time.

The phone call that tells you owe money makes you feel … I can’t even really describe it. Crummy? Inadequate? Like you’re a disappointment? None of those words do it justice.

Everyone is wired differently. Some people would let it roll off their backs, and not give it another care. I’m the complete opposite. I worry about stuff like this, a lot.

So I slowly started paying off my line of credit. I started putting at least $200 a month into my account. If I got a bonus at work, or made some extra money through freelancing, it went on my line of credit.

It took a few years, but just recently, I managed to pay the whole thing down, and also paid off my Visa at the same time.

I’m pleased that I managed to pay off the full thing on my own. It was a personal goal of mine, and I’m happy I achieved it.

Now, on to the next bucket list item.



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3 responses to “Item #14 crossed off bucket list

  1. Cheryl

    Congrats, Tom! That’s a great one. I should add “be debt-free by 30” or something to my list too.

  2. NLP Techniques :

    oh i wish to be debt free in the next few years and i wanna be a millionaire too ”

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