Stanley Cup final predictions

Because of life becoming busy (my sister-in-law was married on the weekend, of which I was the MC), I haven’t had a chance to make my predictions on the Stanley Cup finals. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=blackhawks&iid=8952944″ src=”c/9/a/0/Philadelphia_Flyers_v_99fc.jpg?adImageId=13055500&imageId=8952944″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

So I figured I should make a quick pick before Game 2 begins tonight.

Originally when the playoffs began, I figured the Blackhawks would battle hard to get to the finals, only to lose because of the Marian Hossa jinx.

But as they playoffs have gone on, Chicago has gotten better and better. They seemed more in danger of losing to Nashville in the first round then they did versus the Sharks in the third round. Part of that has to do with matchups (one of the reasons why Montreal did so well this postseason was a favourable matchup against the Penguins and Capitals). But Chicago seems to be getting stronger as they go along. They’ve had no injuries to key guys, all the lines are rolling, the goaltending is solid enough and the defence is playing exceptionally well.

The Flyers have been a different story. They’ve had some key injuries (Brian Boucher, Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter missed some time), their lines aren’t as strong (there are quite a few nights when it’s only one line playing well), the goaltending has been great (though injury-prone), and the defence has been excellent as well (if only they could find someway to have Chris Pronger play 60 minutes a game).

But in the end, the Blackhawks are too strong a team. I expect them to pull out a series that will be great, but short.

Chicago in five.


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One response to “Stanley Cup final predictions

  1. urbandaddy

    As game 6 is set to begin, I bet you it won’t end in 5 games. LOL.

    But the Hossa-jinx… Good one. I’ll have to change my opinion then. Philly in 7.

    But I really want Chicago in 6.

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