Lost stuff to watch and read

So this is the big Lost weekend.

ABC is going overboard with the show. On Saturday, they’re showing the first ever episode for two hours. Then on Sunday, there’s a two-hour recap, two-and-a-half series finale, and then followed by a special Jimmy Kimmel with the cast of Lost.

Of course, I love it (the best part is the Habs playoff game won’t interfere with it).

So I’ve been spending some time watching and reading stuff about Lost that will help put into perspective. If you’re killing time waiting for the shows to begin, check out these sites.

Never Seen Lost

The best site out there I’ve seen is called Never Seen Lost. It’s written by a comedian that never watched Lost until the start of this season, so there’s a lot of stuff he doesn’t know (it also sounds like he doesn’t read other sites to catch up). He spent the first episode recap calling Jack Jake because he didn’t know the name. He calls the smoke monster the Sad Day Cloud. He calls the Flashsideways Snoozeville because nothing happens there. He doesn’t realize that the schoolgirl in the Flashsideways was Ben’s daughter on the island, so he thinks it’s pretty creepy (a fair assumption).

Here’s a sample of what he wrote from last week’s episode:

“The high school girl Linus has been awkwardly hanging out with offers to give a ride home.  Her plan is that her mom drives while they make out in the backseat.  Linus has been around the block and is reluctant because he knows it is a shoddy plan.  He eventually agrees when he finds out he’ll get a free meal out of it.  I think I am supposed to know who Alex’s mom is, but I don’t.”

“During the car ride, Desmond says he will get everyone out of there if they do what he says after.  They all agree.  The car stops and a lady cop lets them all out.  Again, I should probably know who she is, but I don’t recognize her.  Hurley shows up with a wad of cash to buy off the guard.  He then tells Kate to put on a dress in front of him because they’re going to a concert.  Soooooo… what happened to that guard?  Seems like showing up with a van that was supposed to be full of prisoners but is now empty is going to be pretty hard to explain.”

“As Whitmore fills up his glass at the sink, Ben says “Water you doing here.”  No one gets the pun.”

“Interestingly, Kate gets all sad because her name was crossed off in the cave.  Jacob says it is because she became a mother.  Don’t Jin, Sun, and Jack all have kids too?  Hurley moves us past this glaring hole by asking how Jacob will pick. “

And so on. He just recaps the episodes, trying to figure what is going on with no background at all. He brings up some points most of us may not consider since we’ve seen so many episodes. He’s seen Jack’s son in the flash-sideways, but assumes that Jack has the same son in the current timeline (which is another fair assumption).

I recommend checking it out, and reading all the recaps. They’re pretty good.

Youtube videos

This is Lost re-enacted by cats.

This is a recap of the show using hip-hop.

Flight 815 crash in real time

Season 3 bloopers

Jimmy Kimmel visits the set of Lost

Top 10 signs you`re obsessed with Lost

Lost questions in song form (posted before this season began, but most of the questions not answered)


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  1. Cheryl

    And why isn’t my blog on your list of fabulous sources for all things Lost?

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