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I figured I should do a post with my thoughts about TV shows before there’s nothing left to comment on. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=24+fox&iid=8671362″ src=”0/e/d/9/24_Series_Finale_ed0c.JPG?adImageId=12927158&imageId=8671362″ width=”234″ height=”346″ /]

Okay, so maybe that’s not entirely true, but it seems as if a lot of the TV shows I watch are being cancelled or have finished wrapping up their series.

24: Loved this show, but it created a problem of always trying to top itself. Once presidents have been killed and nuclear bombs exploded, how do you raise the level? Almost impossible.

Heroes: Got away from what made it popular in the first season, which is the fact it’s a comic book on the TV screen. Heroes would have the season-long story arc, but came up with major disappointments when it dealt with season-finale battles (never really had any) and the fact that none of the main characters ever died. It’s a battle of good vs evil: People need to die. The good guys don’t always win. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=lost+abc&iid=8785805″ src=”5/b/e/3/Actor_Daniel_Dae_799e.jpg?adImageId=12927174&imageId=8785805″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

Lost: Wrapping itself up, and I think it’s a good thing. Seems like most people are anxious to get this show over with now, and I don’t imagine a lot of people would have held on for too many more seasons. (Quick note about this week’s episode: Ben is helping Fake Locke because Fake Locke promised him he could have the island to himself. But at the end, Fake Locke said he was planning to destroy the island. Why would Ben help him do that? It doesn’t make sense. So I expect Ben to stop Fake Locke somehow.)

Flashforward: Could have been so much better, but it was too slow at the beginning, and most people didn’t care about the romantic problems between Mark and Olivia Benford. It also never answered the main question, of why people couldn’t change the future (even though some tried to prove it could).

Law & Order: Okay, I haven’t seen this one in too many years, but it’s still sad that it’s going off the air. The best thing about Law & Order was the fact that you didn’t have to see all the episodes to know what was happening. You could watch any one at any point, and it didn’t matter. Each episode was a stand-alone, which is something that isn’t done very often anymore.

So the only shows left on television that I actually watch regularly (minus sports) is The Big Bang Theory, Republic of Doyle and Survivor. So the television stations better be bringing in some good shows, and pretty quickly too. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=survivor&iid=8858140″ src=”c/c/5/e/CBS_Upfront_Programming_72ac.jpg?adImageId=12927204&imageId=8858140″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

Anyways, there was one show this week that made want to write this blog post: Survivor. By now, you should know Sandra won. Okay, fine, I can deal with it. But what I can’t stand is the way people keep thinking Parvati was a better player than Russell. Excuse me? Did you not all watch the past season? The only reason Parvati wasn’t eliminated was because of Russell. Russell convinced Tyson to change his vote, and then gave Parvati the immunity idol so she’d be safe when Russell’s alliance was down 6-3 in the villains tribe. He later convinced Coach and Jerri to turn on Rob to shift the power around (despite the fact that Jerri couldn’t stand Parvati at the beginning of the game). Russell also convinced Candice to turn on the Heroes tribe and vote out Amanda instead of Parvati. Yet, all I keep hearing is how Parvati is a stronger player. Yeesh. Give me a break.

The problem with Russell isn’t with the way he plays the game. It’s the fact when he gets to finals, he doesn’t do a good enough job explaining why he deserves to win. His best bet would be to say “Look, the name of the game is to outwit and outplay, and while you’re all great players, I did exactly what was needed to get here. If I didn’t convince (insert player’s name) to turn, then I wouldn’t be here, and that means I wouldn’t be playing the game correctly. Now, while you may be upset that you’re on the jury, I believe I played the game worthy enough to win the money.” And then mention the things he did, like I mentioned in the paragraph above.

I can understand people wanting to give money to Sandra for the game she played (despite always being on the outskirts of her alliances, she always managed to survive), but to say Parvati is a better player than Russell is ludicrous.



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8 responses to “TV thoughts

  1. M@

    Agreed about Russell over Parvati. Also believe Sandra deserved to win. There’s obviously more than one way to win Survivor, and Sandra’s won it twice. The very fact that she won twice by playing the EXACT same game makes her worthy. Plus, telling the heroes (who made up the majority of the jury) that she was TRYING to help them, was not only true, but a stroke of genius to remind them of that. Sandra deserved full marks for playing the way she did, which included NOT riding coattails, as some might say. She voted the same way the villains did for the most part, but she never hid, she never stayed in one alliance, and she knew how to work the jury. Russell’s game is only solid if he can find some balance. Full-on villain will never work.


  2. abitofeverythingsport

    I am more surprised that these tv shows show up on your list of ones that you watched. Not a stellar list at all. Big Bang Theory I will give you, but that is about it. I am glad for your sake that the networks are cleaning your schedule for you to explore better programming

  3. Law and Order is really starting to suck, along with all of it’s spinoffs (SVU, CI.) it’s time to put that bitch down. On the other hand, Law and Order UK is fantastic! It’s much less cheesy an sensationalized then the US versions. Well, except for the funny wigs, those are pretty cheesy.

    • I think there was too much turnover once Jerry Orbach passed away. It seemed like there was at least one new person every season.

      And the spinoffs didn’t help. Took stories away from the main show.

  4. couldn’t agree with you more on Heroes. It’s one of the things that really made me lose my interest in the later seasons. also that is completely true about Law and Order they did have a few that connect to older episodes but they do such an excellent job explaining it that you don’t really have had to have seen that past episode. but it’s real nice post though

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