Round three NHL picks

Before I get into my picks, I just want to do a quick recap of how my hockey pool and previous picks are going.

Hockey pool update [picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=playstation+3&iid=1632129″ src=”d/3/f/1/Player_Tries_To_cb23.jpg?adImageId=12875502&imageId=1632129″ width=”234″ height=”165″ /]

So it looks like I’ll be winning a Playstation 3. Since I couldn’t get enough people together for a hockey pool, my wife had the idea that just me and her would one, and choose three teams each. We would call them different names, and if that team won, then the other had to buy whatever that gift was.

So for one of my teams, I chose PS3. If that team wins, my wife has to buy me one. She chose more chore based things, such as me painting the house.

But my PS3 team, I chose six Montreal, five Chicago and three Buffalo. So I still have 11 players left, so odds are pretty good that team will win. The next closest has five players left, but is 10 points back right now (that team has two Philly and three San Jose though, so there’s still a shot for me to lose).

Round two recap

In Round two, I went 2-for-4. Not bad, but not great either. I correctly predicted the Habs-Pens series, and the Blackhawks-Canucks, and even got the amount of games right.

Round three picks [picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=montreal+chicago&iid=6944058″ src=”b/8/6/6/IL_Montreal_Canadiens_632b.jpg?adImageId=12875551&imageId=6944058″ width=”234″ height=”255″ /]

The best way to do these picks are to look back a month. In my top 10 playoff predictions, this is what I said:

Look for the Blackhawks to get to the finals, but they’re not quite ready to win it all yet, leaving Hossa to lose in the finals for the third year in the row.

So I predicted Chicago to make it to the finals. So far, so good. Did I predict who they were going to meet? Of course I did. Under the heading, ‘Expect an underdog team to make it to the finals’, I wrote:

Every Olympic year has seen an underdog Eastern conference team make to the finals. This year, I choose Montreal to be that team.

So at the beginning of the playoffs, I chose Montreal to beat Chicago in the finals.

So I’m going to continue with that prediction here.

Montreal over Philadelphia in six games

Chicago over San Jose in six games


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