My only playoff hockey pool

I love hockey pools, especially playoff hockey pools. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=hockey+pool&iid=5004930″ src=”c/5/4/d/2009_NHL_Awards_4ae5.jpg?adImageId=12627977&imageId=5004930″ width=”234″ height=”340″ /]

Playoff pools are trickier because not only do you have to predict who is going to get a lot of points, but you also have to predict what teams are going to get far. It gives another reason to love hockey.

(As a side note, something I thing would be the greatest type of pool: Hold a playoff pool in October before the season starts. That way, you’re stuck with your team seven months later. Would you take Iginla knowing there’s a chance he might not make it? Would you stock up on Penguins? It would be interesting to see strategy for something like this, and you’d have a good idea of who really knows their hockey).

Last year, I was in three playoff pools, and I won all three of them. This year, I couldn’t get enough people together on the same night to hold one.

My wife (who is the best) had a good idea. We would do our own draft, and choose three teams each. We would call them different names, and whichever one wins, gets the prize that the team is named.

For example, I named one of my teams Playstation 3. If that team wins, my wife will buy be a PS3. My other two teams are ereader, and money for online poker.

My wife went in a different direction. She took painting the house. So if that team wins, I need to paint the house. The other two is moving a tree out in the front yard, and a big screen TV for the bedroom.

Right now, ereader is winning, and painting the house is second. PS3 is last (took only Blackhawks, Habs and Sabres for that team).

It’s another reason to love playoff hockey. And trust me, I really don’t want to paint the house this summer.


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