2009 Keeper pool draft results: A look back

Last year, I joined my first ever keeper pool. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Pavel+Datsyuk&iid=7859837″ src=”c/4/d/7/Detroit_Red_Wings_db85.jpg?adImageId=12482809&imageId=7859837″ width=”234″ height=”267″ /]

Since then, I have made many trades, all geared to the future, and hoped to come sixth this year for a better draft pick. I actually finished fifth, but won the draft lottery, so I will be picking first overall (unless I make a massive trade).

But with the regular season behind us, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the initial draft and see what was the best and worst pick of each round.

Last year started with two guarantees from one of the poolies, Paul, who predicted that Detroit would miss the playoffs this year (wrong) and that no Hab would get 70 points (wrong again).

So it was surprising to me that Paul had only one worst pick of the 22 rounds. That must be a fluke.

Anyways, on to the picks. In brackets is the name of the GM would drafted them. To check out the draft results, click here.

Round 1

Best pick: Sidney Crosby (Nick)/Alexander Ovechkin (Kevin): Take your pick. An argument can be made for either one of them (note, this will be the only tie of all the rounds).

Worst pick: Pavel Datsyuk (Ryan): He’s just not the same type of player he used to be. It always looked like he was on the cusp of 100-point seasons (especially after back-to-back seasons of 97), but he had a poor playoffs in 2009 point-wise, and has continued it this year.

Round 2

Best pick: Evgeni Nabokov (Tom): He did what was expected of him for this pool – to win in the regular season. It doesn’t matter what he does in the playoffs. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Ray+Emery&iid=7749726″ src=”6/5/6/1/Atlanta_Thrashers_v_81fc.jpg?adImageId=12482847&imageId=7749726″ width=”234″ height=”333″ /]

Worst pick: Ray Emery (Kevin): He just didn’t have the bounce back season everyone expected him too. Mostly because of injuries. But even when healthy, he struggled at times.

Round 3

Best pick: Martin Brodeur (Kevin): Still old, still winning games and getting shutouts in our pool.

Worst pick: Nick Backstrom (Tom): An older goalie, the Wild had a disappointing year, and Backstrom suffered because of it.

Round 4

Best pick: Ryan Miller (Nathan): Goalies ended up being the best pick, apparently. Scored a ton of points, and put Buffalo on his back all the way to the playoffs.

Worst pick: Sergei Gonchar (Tom): Older player, got injured. Not necessarily a bad pick, but way too early looking back.

Round 5

Best pick: Alexander Semin (Tom): Stayed away from injuries, scored a ton of points. Yet I tried to trade him away probably a dozen times. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Cam+Barker&iid=8470313″ src=”d/2/4/2/Minnesota_Wild_v_64aa.jpg?adImageId=12482883&imageId=8470313″ width=”234″ height=”335″ /]

Worst pick: Cam Barker (Nathan): Took a major step back, going from 40 points in 08-09 to 21 last year. Plus, he got traded from a high scoring team to a low-scoring team.

Round 6

Best pick: Henrik Sedin (Matt): Any time you can pick up the league’s highest point getter in the sixth round, that’s a win (for the record, Stamkos could easily be in this spot).

Worst pick: Tomas Vanek (Nick): His four goals against the Sens in his last game of the season not included, Vanek has looked brutal at times this year.

Round 7

Best pick: Patrick Marleau (Andrew): Rebounded nicely after all the trade rumours last summer. But it was to be expected, as he’s in a contract year.

Worst pick: Pascal Leclaire (Matt): Lost the #1 job, got injured, played poorly. Ottawa is the place where goalies go to play poorly.

Round 8

Best pick: Duncan Keith (Tom): I didn’t even want to draft him, calling it my worst draft move initially. Ended up being on the best defencemen in the league. Oops.

Worst pick: Nicklas Kronwall (Andrew): Was injured early in the season, but he never recaptured his play from last year, falling from 51 points to 22.

Round 9

Best pick: Mikko Koivu (Nathan): Had a decent year, and is still young. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Brent+Burns&iid=7549334″ src=”6/7/c/d/Minnesota_Wild_v_9284.jpg?adImageId=12482904&imageId=7549334″ width=”234″ height=”167″ /]

Worst pick: Brent Burns (Ryan): Yes, he was injured, and yes, he’s still young. But his last two seasons have seen him put up points of 27 and 20. Not good.

Round 10

Best pick: Zach Bogosian (Nick): Took him more because of potential, and the fact no one in this round was very good.

Worst pick: Olli Jokinen (Paul): Remember when everyone wanted this guy when he was in Florida, because he was the superstar on a poor team? What happened? No one wants him anymore. Still puts up 50 points a year though.

Round 11

Best pick: Chris Pronger (Nathan): Can still get points, deliver nasty hits, and be a team leader. Until he needs to be traded for personal reasons.

Worst pick: Alexei Kovalev (Tom): What happened to his bounce-back season, but more importantly, how did I choose so many bad players?

Round 12

Best pick: Brad Richards (Andrew): Great year for him. Had 91 points, and is surrounded with young talented players so he should be solid for a few years.

Worst pick: Bryan Little (Nick): Big step back for him, and now he doesn’t have Kovalchuk to feed the puck too.

Round 13

Best pick: Tobias Enstrom (Nathan): His 50-point season was a little unexpected.

Worst pick: Joe Corvo (Andrew): How are you a minus anything when you play with the Capitals? 

Round 14

Best pick: Kyle Okposo: (Jason) Tavares benefitted more from Okposo this season than Okposo from Tavares, but that will change. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Tom+Gilbert&iid=8256664″ src=”1/4/f/3/Edmonton_Oilers_v_47ce.jpg?adImageId=12482909&imageId=8256664″ width=”234″ height=”303″ /]

Worst pick: Tom Gilbert (Andrew): Lowest point total of his career, but maybe feeding it to Hall or Seguin next year will help him.

Round 15

Best pick: Matt Duchene (Matt): Leading rookie point-getter. Nuff said.

Worst pick: Marc-Edouard Vlasic (Nathan): Had only 16 points. By comparison, that was 14 points less than his teammate Rob Blake, who is four times as old.

Round 16

Best pick: Lubomir Visnovsky (Matt): The only Oiler who did anything, so of course, he was traded.

Worst pick: Brian Rolston (Jason): Finished the season off with 37 points, which is fine for a d-man, but not for a 37-year-old player.

Round 17

Best pick: Tuuku Rask (Kevin): Great rookie season, and is the new #1 goalie in Boston, taking away the starter’s job from Vezina winner Tim Thomas.

Worst pick: Milan Michalek (Matt): Put up great numbers at the beginning of the season, but then came crashing down to earth when he realized he wasn’t Dany Heatley.

Round 18

Best pick: Jonathan Quick (Paul): L.A. in the playoffs. Who would have guessed?

Worst pick: Mike Smith (Nick): Both Tampa and Ottawa came into the league in the same year. And since then, they’ve both had 147 goalie issues. If you combined all the bad goalies those two teams have had over the years, you’d end up with an Andre Racicot-type hybrid.

Round 19

Best pick: Loui Eriksson (Matt): I chose him just so I could practice the crazy spelling of both his names. Those 71 points he got didn’t hurt. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Jaroslav+Spacek&iid=7700103″ src=”6/c/d/d/Montreal_Canadiens_v_1a9f.jpg?adImageId=12482912&imageId=7700103″ width=”234″ height=”319″ /]

Worst pick: Jaroslav Spacek (Ryan): Old, not playing on the powerplay, playing on a team with low goal scoring. Gee, I have no idea why Spacek isn’t getting points.

Round 20

Best pick: Jordan Staal (Jason): Would be a superstar anywhere else, but still good for 50 points.

Worst pick: Mathieu Schneider (Tom): Started off the season injured. Was sent to the AHL. And those are the highlights.

Round 21

Best pick: Ilya Bryzgalov (Ryan): He almost wasn’t drafted. The only reason he was chosen was because Ryan needed a second goalie. No one gave Phoenix much of a chance, and that’s why Bryzgalov was never drafted earlier.

Worst pick: Denis Grebeshkov (Matt): Bad season with the Oilers, was traded to Nashville where he got injured. He’s probably wishing he was more like Mathieu Schneider at this point.

Round 22

Best pick: Chris Mason (Matt): Not too many solid picks in the last round, but Mason turned it on late to win the best pick of the round.

Worst pick: Kyle Turris (Ryan): Yes, he still counts as a rookie, but it had to be a disappointment that he was sent to the minors this year. That’s probably not a good sign.


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